February 6, 2023

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If one wants to find a historical basketball game that defies numbers and estimates, one has only to keep its archives at Olympiacos-Erythros Asteras on December 22nd. Against a team that scored an average of 73.6 points even and before the jam ball, logic said that if the winner was judged to be above 80-85, he could speak…only Greek. But let’s agree that every game is different or there are exceptions, and the Serbs are capable of winning all 90 matches.

Where … you go crazy, when you see that the team of Giorgos Partzokas was defeated at home, having 26 assists for only 7 errors, the opponent committed 16 errors and handed out three fewer final passes. The first easy and convenient reading is that Olympiacos, for one more game this year, seems to have lost the essential element or more correctly the best ally of its success in recent years, which is defense. And he doesn’t… he steps on it for the first time, as there are so many nights he plays mentally, we’re so good in attack that we’ll put another point in. The numbers belie the action again, as the Greek doubles have the best offense in the Euroleague, but this is not reflected in the main issue, which is the harvest.

The record is now down to 9-6 and several weeks later, Olympiacos is out of the top four, with a schedule to pursue mountains and competitive issues that run into the end of 2022 and demand solutions. Of course, even with nineteen matches remaining, no disaster occurred, but given the facts, some situations should be reviewed and excessive enthusiasm sufficiently reduced. Indeed, as all the coaches said, the team is probably playing the most beautiful basketball so far in its good spells, but clearly something is missing and something is to blame. As a result, there is no stability, and several “bad” defeats have already been recorded. And not too off schedule, because Red Star have completed seven wins in their last eight games and come in… with goals.

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In the meantime, he also took possession of Kampatsos, while Olympiacos was clearly affected by the loss of the victory in Lyon by +21, but also by the essential absence of Val due to injury. The French center tried to help in the third quarter but lacked energy, as the batter took multiple hits from Dusko Ivanovic. At the same time when attacking, Black only got into … his boots, as Poloboy was tragic on both sides of the earth. Of course, not only Val’s unpreparedness was to blame, as for another match, Olympiacos lost in less than three minutes of the match by +12 and +8 points at the end of the second and third quarters, respectively.

With excessive insistence on three-point shots (33 against 35 two-pointers), as Asteras played with only Mitrović’s position (in the absence of Martin and Kozmich). But also many champions unlike Olympiacos who was looking at them with binoculars. Aside from Vildosa’s impressive second half run, Petrusev was the undercover kicker, while Dobrich, Nedovic and Lazarević also provided valuable assists. The latter stopped Vezenkov in the second half, and since Walkup, Kanan and Peters were left out of the productivity equation, Olympiakos’ solutions were counted on the fingers of one hand. But there are other numbers and facts that explain the defeat.

While Olympiacos has “tightened” its defense and seems able to “turn around” the match, it does not clearly foul Larentzakis for three shots, and another on the same player after a missed shot by the visitors who were two more. and Vildoza on a clean defense from Vezenkov, Black and Papanikolaou get a gift of two shots. Of course, even if the judges attributed all this correctly, we could talk about a different outcome, but that was not the only problem. The “red and white” after time expired got a weak shot from Sloka, without doing anything of what was planned, while with Vildoza, Mitrović and Marković on 4 fouls, it was probably the most suitable option for a 2-pointer attempt to send the game into overtime.

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Instead of a conclusion, let’s move on to the numbers that made the difference. Red Star at 52% on two-pointers this year, shoot at an unimaginable 74% in SEF and with a very good 45% impact away from home on three-pointers. The steals were 10-4 in favor of Olympiacos, but the points off guard (the conditions were created after a steal), were 12-9 in favor of Asteras. The 15 offensive rebounds of Olympiacos gave them only 13 points, while … the amazing thing is that the guests found the same number of the only seven fouls of the “red and white”. In short, they took it all. Four more were downed by the home team with more than twice as many fouls as their opponents, and so came the defeat.

After two consecutive defeats, the derby with Panathinaikos in Oaka is now more important for Olympiacos, who missed the opportunity to go with an 11-4 record and without much pressure in the last game of this magical 2022 game. We will see if it will be … set up properly within a week to close it in like manner, or whether he would wallow in suspicion and make the task at hand more difficult to obtain a very different piece of land…

note: It’s an obvious problem that my starting shooting guard never finishes in the top five in any game, even in the few that have been good finishes in December. Kanaan’s performance, management, style of play and ultimately contribution is a matter that must be addressed immediately, for the overall course of the team. Without being the only problem with rotation…

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PS2: Merry Christmas with health and love to all.

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