May 18, 2022

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One person has been arrested for polluting Florida’s Biscayne Bay with balloons

Miami-Tate police arrested one person Wednesday Biscayne Bay is polluted by air balloons In South Florida.

According to the arrest report, David Sebastian Torres-BoganegraThe 28-year-old from Homestead confessed to the crime by removing about 50 balloons while working on a rented boat in the marina, the television report said. Local 10 News.

Torres-Boganegra was arrested after pictures of two people exploding decorative balloons from a boat at sea during an engagement party.

He faces charges of “irresponsible negligence on the part of the environment”, a felony of $ 10,000 or up to 60 days in prison or both. The judge granted him $ 500 bail.

According to a local television report, police officers provided 10 civil quotes to the boat owner, charter company, event planner and workers.

The event came after Miami fitness trainer Tom Rivas rented a boat for an engagement party.

According to Rivas, he enlisted the help of Cloud Nine to plan the event, which specializes in romantic proposals, and although he thought everything was fine, a few hours later the event was linked to the pollution of Biscayne Bay, adding note.

As Rivas told us on Instagram, “The most special day for us has turned into tons of hate news,” Rivas said. Local 10 News.

Rivas said he was “in the boat at Peshore Landing Marina in Miami’s Coconut Grove Tuesday afternoon and did not see what was going on”; Meanwhile, “a witness recorded a video of people on the boat popping balloons that had fallen into the water.”

Coach wrote on Instagram: “The team continued to remove the balloons … we didn’t know anything until we watched the videos.”

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For its part, Cloud Nine said in a statement that it had hired a balloon dealer to decorate the boat: “We decorated the dock, finished the proposal and cleaned as we always do. We will never take off removing the balloon decorations. Now we are trying to explore the situation on our side.” Said.

The outrage of environmental activists in the area was immediate. “Mylar or vinyl balloons float on the surface of water, made of dehydrated wood. Turtles, seabirds and other marine animals often misunderstand jellyfish and eat it or feed their young, ”the report added.

Police officials announced Wednesday that an ongoing investigation is underway.

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