April 1, 2023

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OSE Inspector, Larisa Station Master and his supervisor are on leave

They are on vacation Larissa is the station’s shift master and her supervisorA pre-investigation process is underway into the causes and circumstances of the accident, which OSE announced in today’s announcement regarding the accident at Tempe.

Specifically, it is “dI pledge to do everything possible to deliver full and complete justice to the causes of the tragic event that cost so many lives.”

According to the same announcement of the OSE, “From the first moment, the management and executives of the company were at the scene of the accident, and with special teams they threw their weight in the rescue of passengers and the overall response to the accident. In the field, assisting all co-competent agencies ».

Once again expressing his condolences and pain, he said that under the weight of such conditions and based on these priorities “it is very difficult for the organization to respond to detailed information about public opinion through the media, which will happen next. A time with great respect for the victims of the accident”.

Ministry of Transport: OSE Inspector is on leave

Meanwhile, in a notification issued by the Ministry of Transport, is set up On vacation Inspector Nikolaou Dimitrios Until a thorough investigation of the suitability and selection of Panagiotis of Station Master Samaras Vasiliou According to the announcement of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, for service in the city of Larissa.

“On the basis of Article 102/30-5-2022 of the internal disciplinary procedure of OSE and following the decision of the Chairman and Managing Director of the organization, Mr. SB Patera, he is on leave from 4-3-2023. Panagiotis Inspector Nikolaos Dimitrios” pending a full investigation into the eligibility and selection of station master Samaras Vasiliou for service at Larissa station,” the ministry’s announcement said.

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