June 2, 2023

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Over Georgina’s objection, the pediatrician testified, ‘I was expecting mum to come out screaming.

“If you ask me, I expect mom to come out screaming. Screaming. Other parents do that for simple things.” Dionysia Dimitropoulou, the pediatrician who performed CPR on Tzorina, testified When the girl had a seizure at the Karamandane hospital.

A witness at Roulas Pispirigou’s trial emphasized that Diagnosis No evidence is identified in the child that would lead to objection asserted that even a short time ago there was no clinical picture consistent with the clinical phenomenon they were called upon to deal with. “The deterioration usually lasts for hours. The baby has no symptoms. I have never had the experience of a mother suddenly calling me and the baby dead! Never! Never!”, said the doctor.

As Mrs. Dimitropoulou testified: “My first contact with the child was on April 9, 2021 at 2 p.m. The mother reported that he had a tendency to cough and vomit. The specialist found mild skin pallor, cough and abdominal pain. .When I visited, the symptoms had subsided. After that she She was stable but at 6 pm mother informed us that she had cough and abdominal pain and was hemodynamically stable and had no findings.”

When Georgina was stopped on Sunday, April 11, the witness said: “At 7:00pm when I was at the doctors office, Georgina’s mother knocked on the door and Mrs. Gargania opened the door. She told us, “Come to the room because the oximeter is beeping.” Along with the trainer, Mrs. Gargania, we left the room. At first with slow steps. But our Nurse Mrs Betsava started shouting “Run quickly”. We ran.. I saw the baby in the middle of the bed without nasal oxygen. The oximeter had no response. I asked the mother how the baby got there in that condition. She woke up, screaming, rolling her eyes and moving her limbs. She said. She had pale eyes, urinating and no contractions, I brought her to resuscitation, I checked airways, started CPR and increased oxygen supply, they brought me AMBU (resuscitation machine), I continued chest compressions. I was under anesthesia. I asked the expert to inform me. I did Mr. I continued CPR until Hassapopoulos arrived. I gave epinephrine intermittently. When the anesthesiologist arrived he took over and I followed orders”.

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Chairman: What if he doesn’t have nasal oxygen?

Witness: I remember everything disappearing from the child’s head. I remember looking for oxygen because I was thinking of putting it on at first.

Chairman: What the child’s mother described to you may have led to nasal oxygen leakage.

Witness: I can’t say for sure. Maybe he can.

Prosecutor: The defendant denies coming to the office to notify you.

Witness: I was in the office, I’m sure. The bell didn’t ring at the doctor’s office.

Prosecutor: Did the nurse see the baby when she entered the room?

Witness: Of course! “Run, run!” After shouting that.

Prosecutor: Your mother says “come on, the oximeter is beeping” and the nurse says “come quick the baby is dead!”. Does mother not understand the situation?

Witness: If you ask me, I expect him to come out screaming. Shout out, other parents do this for simple things.

Prosecutor: How long will this deterioration last?

Witness: Degradation usually takes hours. The child has no symptoms. I have never experienced a mother suddenly calling me and the baby dead at this stage! Never! Never!

Regarding the issue of the anesthetist not being in the hospital, the witness said: “The hospital had a phone that day. I don’t know how to call. On vacation you’re at the hospital until noon on mixed duty, then you’re at home ready to go to the hospital if you call.”

Roulas Pispirigou’s lawyer answered questions from the witness He said that no special meeting of doctors has been held regarding the incident, but it will be discussed in the coming days What happened to Georgina is indescribable.

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Advocate: Why did your colleagues refer Georgina to pediatric cardiologist Mr. Not taken to Karatsa?

Witness: From the information I got, I know that colleagues contacted her to book an appointment. But he told them that he had examined the baby 10 days ago and it was fine and there was no need to do it again.

Advocate: But he, in another testimony, says he was contacted after the protest. Does this have any meaning? If we had a medical malpractice here, what would you say?

Witness: But the cardiology evaluation was done 10 days ago! She didn’t have to see it because the doctor told her to!

Advocate: She says they didn’t communicate before the opposition!

Witness: Can I ask my colleagues who spoke?

Advocate: What do you say, girl?! The child died in your arms! Please let me know if this treatment is correct. Because I have also filed a medical malpractice case against your colleague.

Witness: The child did not die. We saved the child. Since the colleague said he called her and they talked, what can I tell you? Should I challenge him? I am not present.

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