June 2, 2023

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Panathinaikos: Bacon admits hitting Mandzuka (Fides)

The former American from the “Greens” lives in the early hours speaking about the various issues that occurred during his tenure at Panathinaikos.

a few days ago, Dwayne Bacon He was released from Panathinaikos Because of successive cases of indiscipline. The last to stand up and cause him to be abruptly cut off from the task for the sake of Game 2 With Colossus it was his quarrel. the American Early morning he appeared on Instagram and admitted that “I defeated Manjuka because he provoked me.”

the bacon He also denied the accusation that he was drunk with him in Monte Carlo mosques while claiming it “I averaged 17 points a game, the most on the team. Don’t believe everything you hear. I’ve been in a lot of weird situations so I don’t mind going home early because I still get my money’s worth. Tell the Greek reporters to write this.

They put four guards outside my house and told them to break my leg if I left. All because we lost the game, as if it was only my fault, not the whole team’s. They came into the locker room and said these things, threatened us and put security outside my house, Paris Lee and Derrick Williams’ home. But I was there, playing even with my injuries.”

However, according to the report, the OEM He put security outside his house for a day because he had problems from… walking at night, to protect him.