February 7, 2023

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Panathinaikos: Kleinheissler announced – Soccer – Premier League 1 – Panathinaikos

green and officially o kleinheisler. the Panathinaikos announced the acquisition of the Hungarian midfielder on a transfer from Osijek. the kleinheislera selection of Ivan JovanovichI signed a contract with Alfalfa, which will be valid until June 2026.

the Hungarian It’s his second acquisition Panathinaikos After Puhat.

The ad details…
PAE Panathinaikos has announced the acquisition from Croatian Osijek of the Hungarian midfielder, Laszlo Kleinheisler, who will belong to Trefyllis until June 2026.

Laszlo Kleinheissler was born on the 8th of April 1994 in Kazinsbarksica, Hungary. He started at Keroulet Academy and from there he went to Videoton Academy. At the age of 18, he moved to the Puskas Academy, with which he played in the second division of Hungary. At the same time, he was designated international with K19. A year later he returned to Videoton, making his debut in the Europa League match, while being a member of the main body of the team. 2014 was not good for Kleinheisler because he played less, while in January 2015 he was loaned out to the Puskas Academy. In the summer of 2015, he refused to sign a contract renewal with Videoton and was effectively excluded from the team. Despite this, he was called up to the men’s national team and even made his debut!

In January 2016, Werder Bremen invested in the talent of 22-year-old Laszlo, who added experience in the Bundesliga to his portfolio. That six-month period will be unforgettable for Kleinheisler, as he played as a key player with the Hungarian national team in the European Championship, which was repeated at Euro 2021! However, he did not stay long in Bremen, as in the summer of 2016 he was loaned to Darmstadt, to continue his presence in the Bundesliga. He played for six months and in January 2017 he was loaned to the Hungarian team Ferencváros. The loan spells continued in the summer of 2017, and he moved to Kazakhstan for Astana where he stayed until December 2018. He was then bought by Croatia’s Osijek, where he remained until joining Panathinaikos’ roster.
He is an active international player with the Hungarian national team, making 44 appearances and scoring 3 goals.
We welcome Lazlo to the Panathinaikos family!

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