December 7, 2022

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Panathinaikos: Midfielder … 1.7 million for PAO, … – – Sports News | News

Reveal the 30-year-old Croatian who is seriously considering Clover! Evangelos Michos reveals to the name of the first midfielder the Serbian coach “checks” for, while also presenting what happened in the summer with his first goal against Gacenovic.

The Panathinaikos In January, he will add a fourth (4) midfielder to his roster, following his summer/September move, Tserin/Tsokai/Trouillet.

Accordingly, the “Evangelist” comes today to reveal the Croatian international midfielder, who spent the last 5 years in Italy / Spain while working for Olympiacos and BAOK At a different time, he has been free for two months now, has been offered to Jovanovic and is being considered.

In addition to highlighting … a losing transfer case for Panathinaikos last July, with a Russian international midfielder his main target Ivan JovanovicI fought him by prioritizing him even at the expense of…Jacinovic but in the end he preferred Turkey because of…Pirlo!

Bradaritz / Ozdoev: One is a 30-year-old Croatia international midfielder, with a current market value of 1,700,000, who has been on the free market since mid-September. The other is a 30-year-old Russian midfielder, who has a market value of 2,200,000, however, who has been based in Turkey since the end of July. What is the relationship between them? The… Panathinaikos!!

Bradrich: About 5 years ago, when he was still playing in Rijeka, he was nominated for the Olympiacos award. In January 2019, he was transferred to Cagliari for a transfer fee of 5,900,000 euros, but he did not stay in Sardinia for long (a total of 27 Serie A matches) after being loaned to both Telta (he also participated in 17 La. Liga matches) , as well as in Haiduk/Al Ain (.UAE) and at some point his name was seriously discussed in Toumba as well. In the summer of 2021, Cagliari finally sold him for 2.5 million to Al-Ahly, and he stayed 14 months in Riyadh, and played 27 games with 3 goals (his last match was last June). In the summer, no team was found to cover his high contract, and the Saudis released him on September 8, although the European transfer windows were closed (with the exception of the Greek). According to Greek market agents, Philip Brandaritz (who plays “8” and “6”) was recommended … manually Ivan Jovanovic And the Serbian coach “checks” it (he didn’t reject it).

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Ozdov: He recently had to give an interview in Turkey, as a player for Fatih Karagomruk (and teammate…Durmaz), to reveal that last July he was discussing with Panathinaikos and was about to come to Clover. Finally he was won/convinced by the great Pirlo, who took over as the coach of the Turkish team, thus proclaiming Karagomruk on July 28! There he is essential and irreplaceable (11 games, 7 90 minutes, 2 assists). After all, we are talking about a player who played 35 matches / 4 goals with the Russian national team and a career in Zenit, Rubin Kazan, Lokomotiv! In the column, it was reported that June / July was the main transfer target for Yovanovitch, with whom they spoke / discussed. According to the same source, the “Clover” coach clearly preferred Magomed Ozdoev over Miat Gatsinovic and thus gave priority to the issue of the Russian midfielder …

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