December 2, 2023

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Panathinaikos: PAO has discovered a new … Simao, the star is emerging … – – Sports News | News

Panathinaikos: PAO has discovered a new … Simao, the star is emerging … – – Sports News |  News

New Trefoil “stars” who have already emerged in the league. shows Panathinaikos II and the players who stood out in the first match against Apollon. Who should you watch from now on!

Panathinaikos: The second match of the Greens team against Apollo Larisas, in which Sotires Antonio’s team played very well and won 5-2, commented on the athlete Antonis Manecas, who was on the field and watched the match.

The veteran player and current scouting manager of Apollon Smirnis has also pointed out the outstanding players, having been on the court for many years and knows very well the players who have the potential.

“I think it’s better than last year Panathinaikos B, I don’t know what has changed, but the team picture is more homogeneous and looks more solid. Of course, the opponent was rather weak. Obviously, some kids show they have the drive to star. But there is also a great vision, I have been partnering with him as a footballer in Red Star, he is well known despite his young age, he is ambitious and a good coach.He initially stated and then added whether the second team, in addition to being a waiting room for the first team of football players, is also a waiting room for coaches:

“It’s all about patience and the plan that is in the club. In some clubs it is easier to do what you say, in others it is not. Panathinaikos It is a union that has principles and always looks out for its academies. Why don’t some coaches from there work in the first team as well.”

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Panathinaikos II – Apollon Larissa 5-2 | HIGHLIGHTS “itemprop =” name “/>

What is the second team of Panathinaikos doing so well that these positive comments are being heard?

“They have a build in the game from the back, the transition, they are a pressing team. But this is a picture that has to be investigated in other matches as well, because in the second division there are teams that don’t have rhythm and don’t let you play the way you want to. But they played who have the sense to drop the ball. And move forward.”

He told me two things about Tavares, the Portuguese left winger from the Porto Academies.

“Good body type, he showed nice things, I liked him, he showed he had good techniques and items.”

Midfielder Embo loaned from Asteras Tripoli?

“He started the match as a goalkeeper, and in that position he didn’t impress me. In midfield he was better, he had speed, with the ball little mention Simao who had Panathinaikos“.

Cedras, who also has a tenure in the first team?

“Sideras has shown good things, but I don’t know if his body type can help him on a long career. At a higher level, maybe he should go to the side.”

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