September 26, 2022

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Panathinaikos: Positive Writing Sample – Articles – Giorgos Petridis – Panathinaikos Basketball

As we like to say, Friendly matches are only for coachesthat tests people, things, and situations. Let the fans enjoy the new transfer possessions of the team. We have to say this both for the “wrong” results (such as the defeats of Karditsa and Sassari), as well as for the positive results, such as the victory of Panathinaikos over Ephesus. So we will try to avoid triumphantly and excessive comments.

However, the truth is that The “greens” made a very good face for 25 minutes In total, he spread smiles to nearly 7,000 fans, who left the closed Olympic facilities satisfied.

in the first half, The Radonic team produced an excellent collaboration He played with confidence and concentration, taking advantage of the opponent’s defense weakness. It’s no coincidence that he scored 10 assists with only one foul during that period, with very good proportions (15/23 2-point, 5/9 3-point). We also counted 5 creations by the team’s playmaker (Lee or Walters) with the respective center that was on the floor at the time (Papagiannis or Gudaitis), resulting in a dunk or pass. Easy points…

On the other hand, in defense Panathinaikos players They showed spirit, they were committed and pressed the ball right: they cut the lanes for their racket and did not leave many free shots for the Turks. They were able to find a solution to the problem that Claiborne created through his constant publications.

and while Everything works perfectly in the first part (As evidenced by 51-34), the third quarter came to turn the tables. The “Greens” were repulsed offensively, and they began the “dead” attacks, while… they also relaxed defensively, reducing the difference.

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Things got even more difficult at the start of the fourth half as the European champions got close to -5, with Micic doing his own thing and shaking up the team’s defense. However, Radoni . players They were not panicked or perplexed. They responded right away, remembering the partnerships and defense in the first half and somehow walked away and reached the final 86-71.

The conclusion drawn from the match in question is something I’ve heard in the press and in the corridors of OAKA: Now Panathinaikos has a regular ‘Ace’. Ordinary game makers. In the end this is it! Something he’s missed a lot in the past two years. Lee Walters is constantly organizing, distributing and executing, with the former being a particularly excellent defender. Real weed to oppose the guards. How much better would Papajiannis feel, too? Behind him, now, is a Judys player who offers precious breaths.

Panathinaikos: Positive Writing Sample

Creatively and executively, we expect better things in the coming period, once they are integrated into the team The Grigonis and Ponitka, which will give a different dimension to the “clover” than “2” and “3”. After all, Radoni is very dependent on them.

There were also flaws apparently from Picture of Panathinaikos against Ephesus. Andrews was like…a fish out of water. The American goalkeeper was 0/7 inside the players (he had two builds in the first half) and was clearly out of their rhythm. At least he distributed the ball correctly (4 assists) and avoided mistakes.

negative too that In the era of bad “greens” In the third period, Radoni’s players showed themselves defensively disorganized. We emphasize this because Montenegro has (traditionally) built a team based on its pressing defence. So there they could not stop the breakthrough of Mitsik (it is not easy in any case), but also to limit the shots of the Turks from the ocean, due to their poor circulation.

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in addition to, We spotted a gap…behind Williams in “4”, mainly in terms of the good minutes that would give a great American breath. However, a move will be made to get a player, so it will be covered.

Panathinaikos: Positive Writing Sample

in conclusion, An encouraging first writing sample about ‘clover’However, he still has a lot of work and a long way to go to avoid mishaps and become competitive again in the Euroleague.

The attendance of the people who honored the late Pavlos Gianakopoulos was very satisfying. Awaka is expected to see another “panathenaic” night on Saturday.

PC 2 The Kalaitzaki brothers seem ready to tackle the roles that will be assigned to them. Now is their chance.

PC 3 The fact that 6 players got double-digit points is also a positive. It shows that it does not depend solely on … the appetites and “champions” of two players, as was the case last year.

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