February 6, 2023

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Panathinaikos: The facts about Mitoglou and … change of decision

With an excellent first half as the cornerstone, Panathinaikos withstood the pressure of Zalgiris in the rematch and left Kaunas victorious in the 11th round of the Euroleague!

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Zalgiris Kaunas (K. Maksvitis): Brazdeikis, Ulanovas, Evans, Hayes, Schmitz
Panathinaikos (D. Radonich): G. Kalaitzakis, Walters, Bacon, Williams, Papagiannis

The ten minutes: 13-27, 28-44, 53-60, 67-81

His start was excellent Panathinaiko At the match, in a seat always full of his fans Zalgiris Kaunas. The Greens, with a much better defensive job, found a rhythm in the first five minutes the first a period Not only were they on top of the score, but they reached +7 (4-11, 5) and +8 (6-14, 6). The televised first timeout didn’t help the hosts, since “trilobiteThen he shot two digits (6-18, 7), and basically made the top the first Ten minutes this season. With Walters on fire in defense and offense, his team Radonik It kept not stopping her, increased the difference to +16 (11-27, 9′) and finally found her when the time was up 13-27.

frantic pace Panathinaiko Not even interrupted by a short break in between the first And the Second a fourth. Thus, the “greens”, especially in the first minutes of the period, continued … shooting at the Lithuanian basket (16-34, 12 ′), as a result of which they were leading by … 18 points ( 20-38, 15 ′)! in his last minutes the first half the time Zalgiris tried to counterattack themselves and with a partial attack 8-6 all they could do was narrow the gap (28-44).

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Zalgiris: 6/19 2-pointers, 3/14 3-pointers, 7/7 shooting, 17 rebounds (10 defensive + 7 offensive), 7 assists, 1 steal, 4 turnovers, 1 block.

Panathinaikos: 13/22 2 throws, 4/8 3 throws, 6/8 shots, 20 rebounds (16 defensive + 4 offensive), 7 assists, 3 steals, 2 turnovers, 2 blocks.

though aggressiveclover flower»… The visitors calmed down through their defense and managed to keep +16 (31-47, 22) at the start of the match Second half the timeeven o Evans With three points reduce more, forcing him Radonik to call a timeout (34-47, 23). his instructions the black Mountain event, with his team returning to the court stronger, bringing the lead back to +18 (36-54, 25′) and showing the absolute boss in Kaunas! And while everything seemed to be going well, Panathinaikos I started to make the easy mistake, though Zalgiris To “run” a potential 13-1 individual (48-54, 28) and drop teams after long time to single-digit proportions. Again, time him out Radonik ingrained, liketrilobiteHe returned to +10 (48-58, 29′) to finish in his last Third a fourth In the 53-60.

With momentum now on her side ZalgirisHis big bet Panathinaiko He would calmly run the lead. his team mxvites It was a frantic beat, and arrived with a “good morning” on Fourth Ten minutes In -4 (58-62, 31), threatens “trilobite». The Lithuanians They have been very close to the “greens” for a long time, but its players Radonik They endured on both sides of the earth and 2:50 before the final managed to get back to +12 (65-77, 37) with a big star williams. With … his excellent defenses weapon ensued thanks PapajianiThe Panathinaikos He came very close to winning, being at +10 (67-77, 39 score) in the final, and finally won it with a score 67-81because the Lithuanian team can no longer return!

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usual suspect, Derek williams. He scored incredibly difficult baskets, while declaring himself “present” when the Greens weren’t in shape offensively, keeping his team on the drive whenever necessary. His pioneering debut again.

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