February 6, 2023

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Panathinaikos: The two students until the new Philadelphia derby | Blog – Nikos Athanasio

Nikos Athanasio writes about Panathinaikos’ connection with the big match against AEK in New Philadelphia on the horizon.

Happy New Year, Merry Christmas everyone with health and joy, in a season where one of the greatest truths ever told in this world is affirmed: Holidays are our people.

Those who are here and those who were here have not really left, because they live in our memory and are loved by them. Enjoy these days, tell your loved ones everything you feel about them and be human. In every sense of the word. Not just these days, right? everybody.

The days that are and because life in football does not stop even during the holidays, let’s say a few words about him today Panathinaikos The two asked that it should be executed trilobite Until january 8th derby with AEK in New Philadelphia. Perhaps no league has been decided since January, there may still be many games left in the battle for the title, but if Trifylli manages to leave unscathed, with a draw or a win, from the Opap Arena, they will get a massive psychological boost in the future from the sequel. , can anoint his absolute favorite to win the championship.

Until then, however, the “The Greens” They should do the following:

1) To collect the six points they will get in the next two matches. by Ofi on Leoforo And with Levadeiakos away from home. It’s two “easy” matches in theory, but the match against Ionikos and Panathinaikos He… stepped on it, paying for his mistakes and the team’s poor reaction from one end of the field to the other. its entirety Ivan Jovanovich As long as he returns to the concentration and seriousness level from the first round to perform “work” so he can go on New Philadelphiaat least six points ahead, with Eck In two consecutive away matches. In the Volos and Ioannina.

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2) To strengthen and cover the gaps that his spiritual potential possesses in the creative part. The options are in his hands Yovanovitch They are neither quantitative nor qualitatively sufficient, and there were games in o Panathinaikos Yes, he found solutions and got points, but the Serbian coach looked at the bench and saw … a wasteland.

The players who will come January, Obviously they will help in the coming years too but the derby horizon with AEK is about this: it’s a game with an excellent team, in the toughest place in Greece at the moment and if something goes wrong they’ll need heavy ‘cards’ to turn the draw. Kambezzi, Xavier, Vagiannidis, Sanchez, Bongora, Ioannidis, Tsukai, Sarlia. And other reserves, it is easy to see that the solutions Panathinaikos needs, who want to win the championship, simply do not exist.

the January Very difficult as it includes cup matches with him Pauk and Trevelli The more days go by without completing the transfer, the higher the stakes. These are the “commodities” of the lack of modern organization, structures and functions of the Scouting department.