November 29, 2022

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Panathinaikos won the status quo unchanged

Panathinaikos benefited from the derby and from the day of the match, as in his worst match of the year they maintained an undiminished difference from the best Olympiacos this year, but also from AEK, with the derby that follows next week that from now on determines the dynamics of the tournament.

The speculations are sure, but they are correct. If the Derby Center accepted the ages, they were shown Draw with Ivan JovanovicThe logic is that they will accept it. Only security to keep +10 of it Olympic It would make up for any danger that the pursuit of this difference might hide.

A draw, if offered to Mitchell, could not be something, even a compromise, which the Spaniard would reject without a second thought. Yes, the distance from the summit will not be reduced, but at least it will not end, from the first Sunday in November, the season of red and white.

With 0-0 remaining until the end of the derby, the same bid fits Panathinaikos like a glove. At its worst this year Panathinaikos, at the level of creation, follow-up and adherence to the plan, in finding alternative options. In Panathinaikos, who, along with the rest, lost to Palacios since the start of the second half, without having any of his usual champions on a decent night.

At Olympiacos there will reasonably be a difference of opinion. Emotionally, a draw might seem like a small bonus to the champions – far in second – their best performance of the season. Logically, even … empirically for what they’ve been through this year with so many setbacks at the end of their games, perhaps a compromise – precisely because the image they had on the court and the expectations it would generate were acceptable. Especially since they still live on Blvd.

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Finally, this theoretical presentation was confirmed in practice by the result of the derby. But a radical change in the context of the feelings of the two centuries. The Greens accepted (under) the tie, in the final stage of the match, as a gift from God, as they deserve the most based on the image of the two teams, with the relative recognition of Jovanovic that leaves no room for misunderstanding. .

Red and White as their coach said in the statements he made immediately after the derby, angrily. Anger at the unforgivable referee – as explained by Mitchell at the press conference – an individual foul that spoiled what turned out to be a very practical plan, which turned Olympiacos into a dominant player at least 2/3 of the match and gave them a lead at such a point in time, who seemed to kick out his opponent. .

Brignoli and Huang summit elusive

The shot that was very much dependent on the recipe…Freiburg. There, ten days ago, Olympiacos played – until then – their best half of the year. At Leoforo, with more or less the same plan, but with a major change in the pursuit of the best possible distribution and preservation of forces (Panasathinaikos waited for the first twenty minutes and then began to increase pressure and counters in the field, with more and more features in this path), he introduced His best ninety minutes of the year, with obvious creativity Hwang In Beom at the center of it all.

Counterweight to the amazing South Korean player, the amazing Brinioli, who played his best match in Greece, was the one who did not allow his big interventions (5 in total) to confirm the supremacy of the Reds and Whites with a goal, thus maintaining the minimum required for the dysfunctional and congenital Panathinaikos.

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Indicative of this is the fact that in the first half the most dangerous moment for the pioneers was an endless attempt (the turn of Palacios with passing the ball in front of Sporar) and even more so the first time they stepped on the ball. On their feet in the Olympiacos area came in the 79th minute with a great chance for Sporar and Papastathopoulos predicted a 1-0 block.

This was followed by Bale’s goal at a time when it seemed – bad lies – that everyone on the field (and around him) was slowly accepting the prospect of a tie that was increasingly looming at that moment. This arose in the final stage of the match, with the Danish referee attributing an error at first and then through a VAR check to a penalty, however trivial based on the risks involved in a particular point of Avila’s observation on Ioannidis.

The way the 1-1 final was accepted reflects the feelings on both sides, but also the logic. Panathinaikos held off on his perfect start, but now that he has won all the derbies in the first round, he has maintained an all-important scoring pony from Olympiacos, which as the Games go on turns into a mortgage.

What’s more, since that very evening, their worst – competitively wise – of the year, the Greens (with the exception of Palacios’ injury) have suffered no damage in the end. Neither from their opponent on the field, nor from their direct stalker since AEK left 2 points in Tripoli, and so the pioneers kept the +6 from the union, and thus had absolute knowledge of where they were and how (they wanted) to continue.

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On the other hand, it is clear that the accounting and the status of red and white has not changed. The 10-point difference that existed before the derby cross has been maintained, but this distance is no longer reflected on the Avenue grass, where the most compelling evidence of the undeniable improvement has now been deposited at Olympiacos.

This is understood to provide a guarantee of a counterattack, but for now, to signal a dynamic return to the title claim, and that possibility turns into a realistic derby, the next derby that follows, which will face AEK in a week, automatically turns into the hottest event of the year for the Reds and Whites. Then, they will know where they are and how (they can) continue.

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