October 1, 2023

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Panathinaikos: “Xrysafi” from the Avozos for the tournament!

Panathinaikos: “Xrysafi” from the Avozos for the tournament!

Read in the newspaper how the main contributor of PAE Panathinaikos, Giannis Alafozos, “fixed” the club’s players before matches with Panaitolikos and Atromitos with an additional bonus of €200,000!

Before the start of this year’s tournament as it is known to manage Panathinaiko Set rewards in four matches. the two in a row 4/4 where bring On 8/8 it was collected in the football department’s money 400,000 Euros as a bonus from the main shareholder of PAE, Yannis Alavuzos Who wants this year’s title more than anything else, like his entire organization clover flower.

In fact, the PAE strongman made sure to “build” the team’s players before the matches with Panaitolikos and Atromitos, as the “Greens” won twice and returned to the path of success after the draw with Olympiacos.

Therefore, the Avozos informed the players that the derby draw would count as a victory if the “double” came in Agriño. Panathinaikos also went through Panetoliko The players are divided again 200,000 Euros (instead of the 100,000 expected with 10 points) as if they had made a new 4/4!

“Mr. Sky” didn’t stop there! He put another 100,000 euros on the table to beat the Atromitos, “doping” the team more and give the extra motivation which is always important in the championship cycle.

2-0 put more money in the piggy bank and so far the rewards have arrived 700,000 euros!

January is like summer in transfers

From now on, the continuation of the summer transfer policy in light of January is a foregone conclusion. who is she; Al-Afuz has allocated the necessary financial resources to fulfill all his wishes Ivan Jovanovic. Besides, the writing model with the transfers of Sporer, Bernard, Verbich, Magnuson is modern and every “barrier” of the coach will be met to strengthen Panathinaikos and stay in first place until the end.

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