September 29, 2023

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Panathinaikos – Yannis Alavosos: Alavosos throws money … – – Sports News | News

Panathinaikos – Yannis Alavosos: Alavosos throws money … – – Sports News |  News

An upcoming player in a situation no one expected until today! It was decided to increase the Greens budget and bring in at least three players in January. List of midfielders and upcoming winger for the starting lineup and movement that will cause quite a stir.

The Panathinaikos He will get a winger in January who can play as a rookie. So the Missionary has details of what extreme style it will be, what cassettes it will contain and also…photos of it. Here, however, the report tells us that an Alvoso/Jovanovic surprise could happen, with a tier 4 “Green” winger top (in terms of contracts)!!

MPains from the column The other winter additions of Panathinaikos, with the midfielders … Type in Beom Hwang (from the short existing which is already present) and the center of the striker resumes the goal!!

1. Number three is “closed” for the winter transfer window. In other words, there will be at least three additions to Winter Heroes…

2. Therefore, a very potential newbie will be obtained, even if they have to give him a contract that would “beat” the entry into the “green” top 4 in terms of salaries (from … 4 to 1 and from 800 to t 1.2 million euros, It currently consists of Verbitz, Magnuson, Sporar, and Bernard)!

3. Let’s not forget that Vagiannidis is now an alternative to Palasios and Verbitz…no one. Aitor is missing a lot, who will be out of the entire season, while Bernard has come in and “worked” to be Panathinaikos’ “ten”…

4. Yovanovitch looks for Eator’s extreme style. With the ability to play with the other foot on the “wings”. Of course, all of this… costs money, not to mention the winter market, which is why a big transfer has been calculated expenses

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5. A pivotal midfielder with the quality to be able to play either alongside Robert Perez, in the “8” instead of Ceren, or in the “10” instead of Bernard will be acquired! A modern midfielder of sorts… in Beom Hwang.

6. In the case of the midfielder, according to the agents, the “investigation” had progressed as there was a shortlist of specific media names and a specific “rating”!

7. The surprise is that they will eventually move to the position of a striker, because they cannot risk here, For another round and in the playoffs, with two classic strikers (Sporar / Ioannidis), only one of them is the reliable scorer – with stability / durability – and he is the Slovenian. Thus, the “Greens” will get a heart attack that will have the goal…!

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