March 23, 2023

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PAOK against violence and against Avginakis

Today’s discussion, under Citizen Protection Minister Takis Theodorikakosregarding the smooth disposition of the qualifiers Stoiximan Super Leaguewas of particular interest because the “present” was introduced by the representatives of the groups, but also by Deputy Minister of Sports, Lefteris Avgenakis.

the Makis Jagatsis like him PAOK On the phone and on his part, it was confirmed that this year there were no cases of violence in stadiums and that PAOK is doing everything possible to continue this.

He also confirmed that the only stadium in which visiting fans were found is panthesia in his matches volos, Without any problems and he finally mentioned that PAOK respects the efforts of the Minister of Citizen Protection, for matches without violence and for this reason, has responded to his call, with the aim of obtaining its own assistance in this direction.

This was the only reason why PAOK “sat down” at the same table with Avgenakis (albeit by teleconference), while still having an open quarrel, because of the general attitude of the Deputy Minister of Sports towards him as well as the recent shameful behavior of her. Professional Sports Committee (subject to him) to his children Evan SavvidisAnd George And Nico by distributing their personal data.

PAOK’s attitude towards Avgenakis was immediately justified after the same Deputy Minister of Sports used such a meeting to make … a pre-election speech!


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