December 2, 2023

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PAOK – Panathinaikos (Live and Live Stream) – PAOK

PAOK – Panathinaikos (Live and Live Stream) – PAOK

Greek Cup winner PAOK defends its title, and in the second semi-final of the Greek Cup Final Four hosted by Kalamata, it faces Panathinaikos at 21:15.

The final is scheduled for Saturday at 21:30 with Olympiacos booking a place after a 3-0 win over Milos.

live match progression (ERT3 telecast)

The first group:

20-20, Panathinaikos tied again with a penalty on Raptis

PAOK timeout

20-19 Hernandez

18-20 fillets serving

20-17 on +3 PAOK with Skredau block

19-17 Dan Dress breaks the ban and eliminates Panathinaikos

18-17 Den Dries, PAOK’s first diagonal attack

17-17 they continue hand in hand, wrong serve by Voulkidis

17-16 Fulcides

16-16 serving fillets

16-15 point to PAOK

Outside the attack Hernandez – Panathinaikos asks for a video check

15-15 Giorna now offers the solution

14-15 The Greens advance again with an external attack from Folkidis

14-14 block to our gurn

13-14 days

13-13 is out of service for Skrendau

13-12 Skrendau again

12-12 francs

12-11 Hernandez misses his serve

11-11 Hernandez

PAOK led 11-10 with an ace from Den Drees

10-10 Skrendau Season One

9-10 Hernandez

9-9, PAOK is cleared after asking for a check, no contact in the block, umpires signal a block on Hernandez’s attack

8-9 missed serve

7-9 Hernandez

7-8 fulcides

6-8 kovar

6-7 Rangel misses his serve

5-7 slices of guarana

5-6 kovar

5-5 Now the serve is lost

4-5 in front of the Greens with an Ace Frank

4-4 Hernandez

4-3 out serving Hernandez

3-3 blocks to Raptis

3-2 off serve by Dan Dries

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3-1 Tailor

2-1 Dan Dries Block to Kovar

1-1 Volkidis went off serve

1-0 off Kovar’s serve

The semi-finals begin!

PAOK starts with: Walls, Giorna, Rapti, Voulkidis, Skredau, Den Dries, Libero Kokkinakis

Today will be the eighth meeting of the season between PAOK and Panathinaikos. Panathinaikos won their first five matches this year, but PAOK won 2-0 in the semi-finals.

The last time the two teams faced each other in the cup was in 2019, when Dikephalos (who won the title in Ierapetra) eliminated Alfalfa in the quarter-finals, while PAOK and Panathinaikos also faced each other in the 2003 semi-final (Final 8) hosted again. In Tenta Indoors in Kalamata (PAO won 3-1).

Referees: Mylonakis, Papakosmas.

PAOK24 friends Good afternoon. At 21:15 he served first in the duel between PAOK and Panathinaikos for a place in the Grand Final.