December 7, 2022

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Papadopoulos: “I saw two young children leaving with tears in their eyes”

Nikos Papadopoulos, Asteras goalkeeper Tripoli, spoke about Toumba’s match with PAOK and the injuries Liratsis and Tsoussis suffered.

Yesterday (24/10) 2-2 Astera Tripoli by BAOK speak s Nikos Papadopoulos In Metropolis, where the arcade goalkeeper also spoke about the injuries he sustained LyratzisAnd the Chaosses.

What did he say in detail?
“We entered the field with a good reading. We kept the ball well and went to the counter. When we found that PAOK did not threaten, this fact gave us the confidence to claim the result. We were wronged in the end because we conceded in the last stage. We should have acted better in the last stage, but what I’m saying now it doesn’t change.”

On the tension that prevailed after the match: “With Kortic, practically nothing happened, what happened was the intensity of the moment. He said a word to me, I told him another, it’s a phenomenon in every match. The point is that it stays there and doesn’t continue after the match. No, I didn’t see Kortic after the match. It was. We have to leave Tomba to catch the flight. We are rivals for 90 minutes and after that we are all friends. No incident should be pursued.”

For Tsoushis injuries, Lyratzis: “I am 32 years old and I have seen PAOK players leave with tears in their eyes. It is very difficult to injure a young child. The positive thing is that PAOK supports its children, and gives credit for time. This is only positive for the team and player. As for Oliveira’s statement, who stated that PAOK could have been They win if they had five more minutes of extra time, I would like to stress that in theory we can say more. And if we had two minutes less, we would have won. Don’t forget that we played 120 minutes last Wednesday. The fatigue was very great. We had to adapt to We played with PAOK, with many absences. After the 75th minute, we showed signs of fatigue and we were also affected by the pressure from PAOK. What happened was expected.”

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For KostanteliasHe is a very good player. If he focuses his mind on football he can succeed. And he needs attention from his environment, then he can have a great career. It seems to have the quality. He has courage in football and very good characteristics. As for Kotarsky, he is a goalkeeper. A very developed goalkeeper. It’s worth giving him time with the team. He still can’t manage situations. I think he will soon move to a team abroad.”

To classify: “The momentum is not in PAOK’s favor. It is not PAOK that I said before the match that I will suffer now, and I will take the big pressure. But PAOK is PAOK. They are always the favorites for the league or the Champions League.”

for the star: We have wronged ourselves. We have a very good roster. We are in a transitional period. We are used to a different style of play. We need time to adapt to the wishes of Mr. Metaxas. We can find the chemistry soon. However, I will repeat that when you lead 2-0 in Tomba against PAOK, the way the equalizer came in makes us feel like we lost the win from our hands. We missed 8 times and some kids played with a virus. If they told us we were going to get the draw before the game, we’d say we’re satisfied.”