December 3, 2022

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Patras: Daskalakis “burns” Bisprigo – he backs accusations against Malena and Iris – Newsbomb – News

Manos Daskalakis testified to the inquest about the deaths of Malena and Iris. What support did he give to Roula Pispirigou?

“She was a good mother who took care of the girls,” Oh told the Inquirer Manos Daskalakis for Roula Pispirigou But at the same time he stands in front of her and declares a representation supporting the murder charges of her two children.

Manos Taskalakis sneaks past her door the inquirer and testified as to what happened during the closing period Malena And this Iris.

“I want whoever is responsible for the death of the girls to be punished,” he told the court official. This means that he faces Roula Pispirigou criminally in this case as well, as he has already appeared in support of charges in Georgina’s murder case.

The Manos Daskalakis He was not involved in the deaths of the two girls.

According to, regarding Malena’s death, he explained – during the preliminary investigation – that the child was declared dead by Roula Pispirigou:

“From 12 to 12:3, if I remember correctly, on 13-4-2019, we decided to leave for a few hours and go to my uncle’s house in Olympic Village. I’m going to take a shower and shave because the nurses told me not to grow a beard so the baby doesn’t get germs. I discussed this with Rula and she suggested that I stay with my uncles to rest for one more night. I repeat that Malena was fine up until that moment. Then, in the afternoon, I was at my uncle’s house, lying on the sofa for a while, when my phone rang. It was Rula, and as soon as I answered she said: “Run, the baby’s still there” and then, I think, she said “He’s not breathing”.

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I immediately left the house and went to the hospital as fast as possible. On the way I kept talking to Roula who kept me updated on what was going on. She told me that the doctors had entered the room and she was waiting outside. When I got there, I found Rula in shock outside Malena’s room. She was pulling her hair and crying. I tried to calm her down. At one point, the paramedic came out and told us that they had already spent 25 minutes trying to revive Malena, but he didn’t know if they would succeed. I begged him to go back in and do everything he could to save the baby. After another 20 minutes, the doctors inside came out and declared the baby dead. I couldn’t believe what I heard. I never expected this thing to happen, I was hoping the baby would be fine.

Manos Taskalakis argued Malena had no symptoms on her when he reveals that they tried as a couple to find them after the child’s death. They met a psychologist and Irida came into their lives when Georgina was looking for a sibling.

“Iris isn’t breathing”

Regarding Iris’s death, the girls’ father explained that he was notified on the fateful day as he had left home two or three days before, having discovered her infidelity. Roulas Pispirigou.

“My cell phone rang and I saw Roula’s sister Dimitra picking me up. I replied and then she told me, Iris means the baby is not breathing. He told me to go home soon. Immediately I left and went there and reached in 4-5 minutes.

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When I arrived, the door of the house was slightly open. I rushed in and saw Iris on the kitchen floor, Roula giving CPR on her. Specifically, he massaged her chest and gave air through his mouth. Dimitra and Georgina were watching beside them. As soon as I saw Iris in this state, I was at a loss as to what to do. I asked Dimitra if they called an ambulance and she said yes.

I took Georgina and asked her to go into her room. The iris has no breathing and no pulse. I caught one of her legs below the knee, which was frozen. I also held her little hand and caressed it, not knowing what else to do. Her hand didn’t seem frozen to me, it hit me like her leg. However, in general, from what I saw at the time, I understood that he was already dead, but I was not sure.

I saw no marks or bruises on Iris’s face or body. The only thing she had at that time was a red, eczematous rash around her mouth. He probably got this out of the pacifier a few days ago and we even got an ointment to make it go away. This redness was only on the outside and not on the lips or mouth. He has nothing but this eczema.

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