December 5, 2023

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Pele: preparations at the Santos stadium for his funeral – Football – General

Pele: preparations at the Santos stadium for his funeral – Football – General

Days, maybe even hours, are crucial for Pele. The legendary footballer is in critical condition in the hospital Sao Paulo, and keep fighting to stay alive. The cancer has metastasized, treatments appear not to be fully responding to the 82-year-old, and there is great concern about his health.

This, in fact, is evidenced by the movements of its people Santos. The club that linked his name to o pellet And he was also sure that he himself made it known throughout the world, and seemed to be preparing for any eventuality. Because there are many snapshots (photos and videos) circulating on the Internet where its people are Santos They are making various preparations at the “Vila Belmero de Santos” stadium for his funeral.

Yes, it sounds… dreary and “difficult” but it’s something to be prepared for just in case.

As he posted in a video for “FutebolNews,” you can see a type of tomb the size of those used in Egypt by the pharaohs, with golden images and special designs on the sides.

Another image circulating in the Brazilian media is of a giant tent in the middle of the Santos stadium and there is speculation that the funeral procession may have taken place there.

hours ago, however, His daughter Kelly posted a picture on her account, which moved everyone. Her father can be seen there in a hospital bed, in the company of his loved ones. “We are still here, in the struggle and in faith. Another night together.”he wrote.

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At the same time, the president of Santos announced In honor of the Brazilian who is fighting for his life there will be a change in the club’s badgeThat’s where the Pele King crown is added.

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