March 23, 2023

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Personal Difference Allowance for Retirees: When It Hits the Accounts – Newsbomb – News

The Finance Ministry bill introduced Wednesday night also includes debt arrangements for the insurance money

Emergency support for pensioners with a personal difference who receive low and medium pensions and debt settlements to insurance funds, providesRaKnownIs theu subusItheu Sweatasas Kh Mr.InonIKOhn assumptionHAnd therefore su almostItoaMagestureh in legislativeHDrIthe theu subusItheu theITelecomIKOhn, which was filed on Wednesday evening in parliament.

The aforementioned measures are part of a broader package of measures introduced by the government’s economic staff last month and aimed at bolstering society from the ongoing imported inflation crisis.

Who and when will receive 200 – 300 euros


A one-time financial aid of 200 to 300 euros has been created for pensioners who, due to a personal difference, have benefited little or not at all from the 7.75% increase that came into force on January 1, 2023. The assistance covers all pensioners with a personal difference with a main pension of up to to 1,600 euros per month, which is 1,112,000 retirees. The assistance is scaled on the basis of the amount of the pension paid and the personal difference.

in this context:

Pensioners who have not seen an increase of 7.75% at all due to personal differences and receive a basic pension of up to €1,100 will receive emergency assistance of €300.

Pensioners who have not seen an increase of 7.75% at all due to personal differences and receive a main pension of more than 1,100 to 1,600 euros per month or have seen a smaller increase (up to 3.49%) and receive a main pension will receive a main pension. Exceptional support from 250 euros, pension up to 1,100 euros.

Pensioners who have seen an increase of up to 3.49% and receive a basic pension of more than 1,100 up to 1,600 euros or an increase of 3.5% up to 6.99% and receive a basic pension of up to 1,100 euros will receive an exceptional support of 200 euros.

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Emergency Financial Assistance is paid through March 31, 2023. It is tax-deductible, non-assignable, and non-seizable into the hands of the public or third parties.

It is not attached to and is not set off against the confirmed debts of public bodies, is not counted within the income limits for the payment of any social benefit or welfare and is not subject to any fees, taxes or other deductions in favor of the state or EFKA.

New framework for debt arrangements for social security agencies

At the same time, a new framework for debt arrangements for social security agencies was put in place, taking into account the new difficulties faced by debtors after the coronavirus pandemic, the energy crisis and the sharp increase in inflation.

The provisions of this new framework are fully in line with the provisions for debts owed to the Tax Office.


For those who have lost their insurance arrangements of 120 or 72 premiums by February 1, 2023, it is possible to revive them by making two monthly payments covering the two oldest premiums due until July 31, 2023. Lost premiums are carried forward, with interest, at the end of preparation .

Revival is made with the debtor’s application submitted until July 31, 2023, as long as no debts were incurred after the loss of the arrangement and before this legislative provision entered into force:

a) in debt settlement under the out-of-court mechanism of Law 4469/2017 or b) in debt settlement under Law No. 4738/2020 (“Second Chance”).

In addition, the debtor must not have any other overdue and unpaid debts to EFKA. If he has other debts in arrears, the revival of the arrangement takes place on condition that they have been subject to an arrangement to be observed. Revival takes place with all the benefits and obligations of the forfeited arrangement, e.g. granting proof of awareness, cessation of continuation of enforcement proceedings for regulated debts, etc.

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With a further provision, it states that debts to social security bodies (excluding TICA) relating to employment periods from September 2021 to December 2022 that are past due, can be subject to a partial payment arrangement of 36 to 72 installments, with corresponding installments. The applicable interest rate for the 24-dose fixed setting.

This new arrangement could also include debts that are part of serviceable – on February 1, 2023 – permanent arrangements, insofar as such arrangements include, exclusively, debts arising during the aforementioned employment periods (September 2021 to December 2022). Debtors who have overdue debts to EFKA and who have not been subject to the observed regulations cannot benefit from the new system. The debtor’s application for inclusion in the list in this case is submitted until July 31, 2023. Inclusion is carried out by paying the first payment until the last working day of the month of submission of the application. Subsequent installments are paid on the last business day of each month after the first installment has been paid. The amount of each installment, the number of installments and any other necessary details will be determined by the decision to be included in the regulation. The minimum monthly installment amount for the arrangement is 30 EUR. The debtor can choose at any stage of the settlement a one-time payment of the balance of debt repaid, without the burden of interest. The arrangement is forfeited if the debtor does not pay an amount of premiums corresponding to two installments of the arrangement or does not pay the current insurance premiums on time.

With the same bill:

  • The online application for unemployment benefits is submitted. It specifically states that in order to receive a subsidy, an unemployed person submits an application for a subsidy to the relevant department of the Public Employment Service (DYPA), that is, to the Employment Promotion Center at his place of residence within 60 days of the termination of the employment relationship. The order is placed in person or by a legally authorized person in the relevant store or electronically.
  • The facility is provided to pay insurance debts to the companies involved in the fur industry due to the huge hit they have received since their main clients come from Russia and Ukraine
  • There is an obligation to pay insurance contributions to the OGA to natural persons who join subsidized rural development programs for small farmers, and install photovoltaic systems with a total power of less than 500 kW (previously the limit was 100 kW).
  • The work books of hotel workers are canceled. The fulfillment of the conditions of employment or employment (the employee does not suffer from a contagious or contagious disease, that he has not been finally convicted of fraud, theft or embezzlement, etc.) is proved by the presentation of the corresponding medical certificates. And a copy of the criminal record.
  • Fixed-term employment contracts under the Special Law for temporary employees in social welfare agencies supervised by the Ministry of Labor and who provide their services when the regulation comes into force are extended from its expiration until the publication of the appointment of successful candidates in the final lists of appointees under No. 7K/2019 of the ASEP Announcement and at any time If not after September 30, 2023.
  • Finally, a regulation has been developed that paves the way for issuing a new general regulation for loading and unloading operations in the country’s ports, in implementation of the decision of the State Council.
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