October 4, 2023

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Pluto “landing” as it is today 17 years ago

Pluto “landing” as it is today 17 years ago

Today it has been seventeen years ago International Astronomical Union (IAU) He made the decision to “degrade”. PlutoIt is the ninth planet in the solar system until then, within the category of dwarf planets. Presents the truth in his post on Instagram Eugenides Foundation citing:

According to the relevant proposal of the International Astronomical Union, for a celestial body to be considered a planet, it must meet the following three criteria:

a) orbiting a star,

b) be large enough that its gravity gives it a spherical shape
c) “cleansing” its orbit of any other smaller celestial bodies than satellites, either by absorbing some or by throwing others away through gravitational interactions.

According to the final proposal, two new classes of celestial bodies were defined, “dwarf planets” and “minor celestial bodies”. Solar System».

Dwarf planets are celestial bodies that “submit” only to the first two criteria, and are not satellites. Anything remaining, for example asteroids and comets, belongs to the third category. The majority of astronomers who announced their attendance at the 26th General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union voted in favor of this proposal, which led to the downgrading of Pluto to a dwarf planet, while Demeter, which until recently was the largest asteroid in the solar system, as well as Eris, belong. Now to the company of dwarf planets.

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