December 7, 2022

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Police asked a Danish reporter to remove a badge for the LGBTI+ community

A Danish journalist was asked by the Qatari authorities to remove his LGBTI+ support bracelet from his hand while reporting.

Although banned by FIFA in Six national teams to wear an armband with a message of support for the LGBTI+ communityThe world in Qatar is trying in every way to show its support for human rights.

That is why there is a Danish journalist in Qatar to cover this World Cup 2022 He chose to wear the “One Love” bracelet during the report.

However, a police officer approached the journalist and asked him to remove it.

We remind you then BBC reporter Alex Scott, who was wearing this very braceletIn the USA, Wales, Germany’s match reporter Claudia Neumann commentated on the match wearing a rainbow heart-shaped T-shirt (and also an armband).

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