June 3, 2023

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Pooja replied to Theodoredu about Jumbo’s declaration

His new announcement at Easter Jumbo It caused a frenzy in recent days. Her song “My Moon”. Natassas Theodoredouarranged by Thasos Puja, with lyrics that triggered many reactions from the community Vegetarians in Greece, but also from Greece itself artist.

the Tasos Bugas He wanted to respond to the criticism he received after the ad he made for the Jumbo game series. He himself gave an interview to the camera of the program “Breakfast at Star” with Eleni Hatzidou and Eteocles Pavlou, where, after the journalist asked if he had spoken with Mrs. Theodoridou, Mr. Bougas stated that “no, I have no business with Theodoridou. The songs are related to who writes them, not us who sing them. Hear in my ear that some people have soured, perhaps the one you asked me about (meaning Natasha Theodoredou). She didn’t like that Bugas said that. I’m not interested».

Below, Tassos Bogas states that “Many of our own have told me that Mrs. Theodoredou did not like her. Mr. virtual She let me sing it. Everything else… zero.”.

Natasha Theodoridou: I’m so upset

In her remarks yesterday, the wonderful performer Natasha Theodoridou She said, “I’m so upset. I’m so upset because I have dedicated my life to singing. I thank the people who have given me such love all these years.”

Artist data starts at 03:15.

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