December 9, 2022

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Possibilities of This Is Us Season7 – Will NBC’s show be Renewed

Dan Fogelman creator of This Is Us Season has demonstrated excellence with his show, This Is Us Season1 first debuted in September 2016 on NBC and it continues to give a new season for the audience year by year. Now it is considered that the This Is Us series is one of the most popular TV shows among the viewers.

NBC confirmed that This is Us has been renewed yet again for new seasons, This Is Us sixth season was released this year by NBC. Now the speculation among the fans is when will This Is Us season 7 return?

Is This Us Season 7 canceled?

Some people are saying that This Is Us Season 7 got canceled and This Is Us Season 6 will be the end of this series. Anyway, it is not confirmed officially by NBC and we can consider the above statement as a rumor. The audience was disappointed with these rumors but there is a possibility to continue the This Is Us for another season.

What May Be This Is Us Season 7 story Plot?

This Is Us Season 7  story describes the famous Pearson family generations. In this family, you can find trio, Randall, Kevin, and Kate who have to find meaning in their life even during various phases of life which include love, joy, tragedy, and victory.

This Is Us Season 7 may highlight the struggle of a family who is struggling to find their own identity. This Is Us Season 7 also talks about the goals of Kevin’s life.

Where you can watch This Is Us Season 7?

This Is Us series is purely made for television, which you can network like NBC and popular streaming service Hulu. The last season 6 is available on Disney+ Hotstar, and also This Is Us series is available on various OTT platforms which make it much easier for viewers to watch all around the world.

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