April 1, 2023

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Possible change today at AEK – Panathinaikos! – the reason

Leonidas Foukoulos explained that “Clover” is the favorite for this title, not because of the number one position it has at the moment but because of its stable image.

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In detail what he told “bwin SPORTS FM 94.6”:

The reason for choosing Lamia: «I think the coach accepts a certain challenge because he believes in himself and the team he is going to. Obviously there are difficulties, but there is nothing easy in football, even an indifferent team to go to».

For this year’s Lamia session: «I think Lamia wronged herself. She has a very good roster, she has excellent children and what remains, as I told the children, is to see each game separately, to unite, to fight and try until May 15th to stay in the division».

For the “battle” of salvation: «Depending on the score, other teams may participate. If we beat PAS in the Premier League, the distance is reduced. It’s seven finals for all teams, especially for us latecomers. There will be no indifferent game».

On how difficult it is to turn things around in the middle of the season: «It’s not easy, but the team has a very good roster and we try to pass on our own philosophy in some parts. I have learned in my life that nothing is easy and nothing is difficult. It’s all about the time you spend and the belief you have in yourself».

On whether he singled out any games: «For me, the draws are negative or positive by us. It depends on our performance. We have to look at each game separately. At the moment we are focused on the match against Ioannina, you cannot go into the process of looking into the upcoming matches. Whether it’s good or bad to face the last two matches of Levadian and Ionian, we will know next».

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For this year’s tournament: «It is one of the best tournaments in recent years. Normally when we got to Stoiximan Super League the champion was obvious, while this year only we can’t say that. This in itself gives a different note to heroism. Hope this helps people get back in the field. All of us, each in his position, must help in this direction».

For the Panathinaikos course: «He has a slight lead, not because he is the first, but because of his general presence. She has a steady course, except for a short period when her stomach was normal. It’s a coaching team, Mr. Jovanovic did a great job. He’s been with the team for two years and it turns out that every manager needs time. It takes patience and work».

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