May 30, 2023

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Predator, EYP and Mitsotakis are in the same shop with the PEGA logo

Report of the competent committee of the European Parliament-Shell voted • Predator and EYP surveillance identity • Corruption remains in Mitsotakis office • Twelve measures he demands from our country • Orban’s Hungary “package” with the Greek case.

The PEGA report on Greece talks about sanctions. In detailing the country’s situation, MEPs from the inquiry into the illegal use of spyware in Europe have urged greater efforts to ensure transparency.

Reporter Sophie In’t Veldt’s final speech was voted on in the PEGA committee, and now the government and the Prime Minister have been heavily exposed personally.

Indeed, the committee approved PEGA’s recommendations by a majority vote of 30 in favor, 2 against, and 4, and 30 in favor, 5 against, and 2 abstentions. EPP delegates voted against it as expected in an attempt to give a lifeline to the new democracy and the Greek government.

The report notes that the Commission visited Greece in November 2022 as part of a joint Greece/Cyprus mission. The members met and discussed with Minister of State Giorgos Gerapetritis Monitoring cases High profile and its wider context Media pluralism and the rule of law in Greece. They also met investigative journalists, members of the Greek Parliament and the head of the Personal Data Protection Authority ADAE, NGOs and human rights defenders.

“Allegations of abuse of surveillance and use of spyware Thoroughly investigate and give permission at appropriate place. All necessary safeguards should be established, reforms should improve transparency and ensure proper judicial oversight of the use of surveillance. The visit confirmed the need for clear rules to limit the use of national security as a reason for surveillance, to ensure appropriate judicial oversight, and to ensure a healthy, pluralistic environment for the media.

Hunter = EYP = Mitsotakis

There is a reference to that in the report Surveillance sign By illegal predator software with EYP interceptors. On the Greek side, MEPs agree that surveillance leads directly Center of the Greek Prime Minister’s Office.

“The Dimitriadis He is the nephew of Prime Minister Mitsotakis and is the General Secretary in his office until August 2022. In this role, he was responsible for government relations with the EYP. On August 5, 2022, Androulakis was forced to resign after it was revealed that the EYP had tapped his phone. “Initially, his resignation was attributed to the toxic political environment, but later, the Prime Minister gave him political responsibility for the wiretapping of Androulakis and other political figures,” the MEPs noted.

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“Former President of EYP, Panagiotis Kontoleon, admitted his “social relationship” with Dimitriadis to a parliamentary inquiry. Kantolian was appointed by the Mitsotakis government, but certain provisions of the law had to be adjusted to make his appointment possible. (…)

Dimitriadis is closely related in various ways Felix Pigeon And this Yannis Lavranos. All three are personal acquaintances. Dimitriadis and Lavranos are best men (“best man”) and Dimitriadis is godfather to Lavranos’ second child. “Dimitriadis is indirectly linked to Biggio through business dealings with Biggio’s brother,” it elaborated.

Forty Essays on Greece

Forty articles Concerns about Greece in an analytical report by PEGA, the rapporteur of the Dutch MEP of Macron’s political group Sophie Int’veld. There are detailed notes on these The surveillance case of Nikos Androulakis, the leader of PASOK-KINAL And the timing identified with his candidacy for the leadership of PASOK.

The report also details the case of press surveillance Thanasis Koukakis and Syriza Deputy Christos SpirtzisThere are also nominal references for MEP monitoring Giorgos KyrtsouJournalists STavrou Malihoudis, Tassos Teloglou, Eliza Triantafillou and Thodoris ChondrogiannouThe reference to the former META security officer’s case is extensive A. Seaford.

“The combination of EYP surveillance and Predator software has been confirmed in other cases as well. In this particular case the number of suspects may be narrowed down further because it is clear that the perpetrator had accomplices in the government vaccination system,” the Sifford lawsuit notes.

It is interesting to note the list of surveillance victims, so far said or confirmed, “like this An impressive index of prominent figures from the political, business and media sectors in Greece». In fact, PEGA points to the impact of targeting these individuals transcends the narrow confines of individual cases and extends to all their contacts, including those in European institutions.

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“There are patterns that suggest that The Greek government allows it Using spyware against journalists, politicians and businessmen, exporting it to countries with poor human rights records and providing a training center for third-country agents who want to become familiar with spyware” is a political decision by MEPs.

Despite the fact that using illegal software is illegal in Greece, research into the origins of spyware attacks gained momentum only in the summer of 2022.

Wire-tap as a tool of political power and control

“According to information, political majority is used Promoting particular interests rather than the common good, appointing collaborators and loyalists in key positions, especially EYP, EAD (National Transparency Authority) and Krikel (a company specializing in electronic security systems). At the same time SpywareIn some cases legal wiretapping occurred concurrently with, or after, it was used as such An instrument of political power and control In the hands of the country’s highest political leadership,” the conclusion states.

MEPs recognize that in principle Greece has a very strong legal framework. “However, the legislative amendments have weakened important safeguards and hampered scrutiny and accountability of political appointments to key positions. Ex-post and ex-post control mechanisms have been deliberately weakened and transparency and accountability neglected. Critics or officials who fight corruption and fraud face threats and sanctions. Overall, the surveillance security and oversight system is inadequate to protect citizens from abuse by government and private entities. More needs to be done to address this issue. Additionally, it “justifies eavesdropping on individuals under the pretext of “national security,”” it underlined.

Greece “statistics” in Hungary Next to Orban’s rule, PEGA found that more than 300 Hungarians have fallen victim to Pegasus, including political activists, journalists, lawyers, businessmen and a former government minister.

For Cyprus, the finding suggests that Nicosia may have a strong legal framework, including EU rules, as a major European export hub for the surveillance industry, but in practice, it is an attractive location for companies that monitor technologies.

Conclusions and Twelve Actions

Based on the findings of its investigation, PEGA concludes that there are violations and maladministration in Greece in the implementation of EU law.

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(a) Urgently restore and strengthen institutional and legal safeguards, including effective ex-ante and ex-post controls, as well as independent oversight mechanisms;

(b) Urgently revoke all export licenses that do not fully comply with the dual-use rule and investigate allegations of illegal exports, including to Sudan;

c) ensure that the authorities can investigate all complaints about the use of spyware freely and without hindrance;

d) Urgent withdrawal of amendment 826/145 of Law 2472/1997, which eliminated the possibility of ADAE to inform citizens about the de-confidentialization of communications; Amending Law 5002/2022 to restore the right to immediate notification of their request, upon completion of surveillance and other provisions that weaken security, control and accountability

e) To restore the full independence of the judiciary and all competent supervisory bodies such as the Ombudsman and data protection authorities, fully respect the independence of the DAEA, ensure full cooperation and access of all supervisory bodies and provide complete information to all supervised persons.

f) To ensure that the ADAE can create an electronic file so that it can carry out its work.

g) Urgently clarify the situation regarding the malicious use of spy software in Greece so that there is no doubt about the integrity of the upcoming elections.

h) Revise the 2019 legislative amendment that placed the EYP under the direct control of the Prime Minister, ensuring constitutional guarantees and allowing parliamentary control over its operation without infringing the confidentiality of information.

i) To ensure the independence of the leadership of the National Transparency Authority (NTA);

j) To ensure that the Judiciary has all necessary means and support to investigate the malicious use of spyware and to seize physical evidence for proxies, brokerage firms and spyware vendors associated with spyware infections;

k) invite Europol to immediately participate in the investigation;

l) Avoiding political interference in the work of the Supreme Prosecutor