December 2, 2023

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Premier League: What do we remember from the tenth round matches? – Theme – Asteras Tripoli – p. – OFI – Levadeakos – Panathinaikos – AEK – Olympiakos – Lamia – Panaitolikos – PAS – Aris – Atromitos – Ionicos – NPS Bolos

Premier League: What do we remember from the tenth round matches?  – Theme – Asteras Tripoli – p.  – OFI – Levadeakos – Panathinaikos – AEK – Olympiakos – Lamia – Panaitolikos – PAS – Aris – Atromitos – Ionicos – NPS Bolos

She started her tenth game Premier League!

Three more left and we go, of course, to the break for world Cup Diameter

Thus, the tenth “round” of the Greek championship was completed, with the big derby, of course, between IK and BAOKHe steals the show, as the story does in every way Volos Panathinaikos. However, we had many miscellaneous things that we will remember in the rest of the games.

So, what do we save from the seven matches of the competition?

not now …

Agreed. It’s still early, we have playoffs and it’s not like the others have moved away. Anyway, the Ionian must directly Pomegranate break! And for reasons of scoring but also … for psychological reasons! Dimitris Spanou entered the match against Panaitolikos with rabieshe drove early with Mandzis, but “surprised” To play a third match at home in the idea of ​​achieving the first victory of the year and threw the points in the end. Of course, it can be said that it was the Agriniotes, who scored with a penalty from Karelis (30) and had a crossbar with Duarte (59), who were wronged by the tie. (1-1)! In any case, Ionicos is the loser again, and he remains alone now, after the victory of Levadiako, without “three points”, and of course in the last place in the Premier League…

endless party

The match between Volos and Panathinaikos will go down in Greek football history, and for more than one reason. First of all, more than 17,000 Clover Friends They have created a terrible atmosphere in Panthesalikos, unprecedented for the data – and toxicity – in recent years in our country, the movement of fans away. Great photos missed by those who… healthy They are involved in football and I hope we can see them more often and with other teams of course. Secondly, we also had the purely racing part, which was…platform identical. His Panathinaikos Ivan Jovanovic Throw a party – with thousands of his friends invited – in front of Volos and sweep it up for sure 5-1And the “Breaking” is his best start From the 1994-95 season, doing a “ten out of ten” and going…training and with a terrible mindset to the “eternal” derby!

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The third match in a row, where we see something of … ordinary Olympiacos on the pitch! intermittently against Lamia (2-0) Mitchell’s team played good football, but it still clearly won’t last. At the start of the second 45 minutes, in fact, Piraeus, as if they had forgotten to get out of the locker room, gave Lamia rights, who almost scored them and worried them. However, what we keep is the beauty they bring to the Olympiacos match James Rodriguez and Huang. Every first contact with the ball is, really, a pleasure (he also scored a goal, regardless of whether he wanted to or not), while the South Korean’s presence – again – was at a high standard. It was no coincidence, after all, that both of them were deified by the world more than anyone else.


Levadeiakos achieved his first victory in the tournament. He came with a spirit, was not deterred by the missed penalty and won 2-1 from Atromitos. They split in half, with Livadia getting an excellent face in the first half and Peristeriots improving in the second. Chris Coleman’s team calculates it 3rd series Defeat her and she must somehow wake up, while Levadeakos keeps showing one Such a good personlike the first half, but also the reaction, which he got at the end, even slowly climbed up the rankings.


Here, then, was the first derby at the OPAP Arena! and painted… completely yellow and black! AEK “melted” BAOK (2-0)smash it too a curse, where she had to beat him in 13 matches and a full five years in her previous home, that’s OAKA, and she did it all – again – with the balls. Especially the press AEK for Matias Almeida is for a symposium. if something happens, Highlight From the match was Jasenovic’s celebration. One of the most exciting celebrations we’ve seen in Greek stadiums. The scorer went 2-0 … a bullet on the runway, where his son, wife and friends were there. The 27-year-old drowned in the arms of Al-Ittihad’s friends and made a distinctive gesture as if she put binoculars, which was also imitated by young Jasenovic. wounderful seen!

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collar to collar

Aris-OFI had “calamity” To fall into the derby, even if only half the time. There was a great ‘battle’ at Kleinthis Vikilides Stadium on Sunday night, with goals, crossbars, great chances, crazy pace and changes in emotions per second 45 minutes, but there was no winner, as both teams came to a draw. 1-1. Crete, in their most enthusiastic look, perhaps, and … the natural look of the team’s requirements this year, took the lead with Toral’s stunning goal (49′), but only Gray, however, to score an even bigger goal at 56″, which clearly symbolizes the top of the year. The 31-year-old “draws” holding an unreal “scissors” behind the penalty kick, leaving Mandas a statue. 1-1, however, remains unchanged. Aris had chances to change the situation, but when she doesn’t flop, she usually doesn’t win and so he left Ofi with Fantastic result From Thessaloniki, which, most likely, will also turn the switch. We’ll see along the way.

Premier League: What do we remember from the tenth round matches?


Great victory of PAS Ioannina over Asteras Tripoli. And the big breath. Reminiscent of last year’s steel team, the Epirotians pulled out everything they had and didn’t have on the field, and made the Arkades into a “heart” and with 2-1 They were “caught” in the arrangement and moved away from the danger zone. big dude For the score, the PLP shouted “present” and “running”, in fact, now, a three-game unbeaten streak, on the other hand, however, Asteras was still ignored. Sure, he has a lot of injury problems, but his image is on the field after at least ten matches problem.

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Premier League: What do we remember from the tenth round matches?