December 4, 2022

Valley Post

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Presbyopia threatens Generation Z.

Nearsightedness I had since I was little – to say thank you to myself for sitting so close to the screen, I would act in the movies I saw, but also what the old TVs broadcast.

Astigmatism It was acquired after a few years of endless hours in front of the first computers, which we first encountered in the mid-90s – and I don’t want to think about what they made.

The Presbyopia It got to somewhere around 43 and so I made the three peat.

number. I’m not having a good time.

Like car mirrors, in my eyes there is a “blind” spot, between the end of presbyopia and the beginning of myopia.

But we are not here to talk about me. We are here to explain how electronic devices can “drop” the average presbyopia vertically.

First I would like to make a clarification.

When you have myopia and you also develop presbyopia, your life with middle distances is something like this.