September 22, 2023

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Prince Harry: ‘I thought my mother killed herself’ – Newsbomb – News

Prince Harry: ‘I thought my mother killed herself’ – Newsbomb – News

The British were surprised by what he revealed Prince Harry In his autobiography entitled “Reserve” – ​​how he experienced the death of his mother

He describes his traumatic experience with the unexpected death of his mother in detail in his autobiography Duke of Sussex.

According to what he witnesses, at some point he thought that Princess Diana… she staged her own death by staging the tragic Paris Tunnel car crash to escape her “miserable” life.

the Harry who is 13 years old at the time, was staying in Balmoral when he was told his mother had been killed in a car accident and admits he wondered if the accident was a “hoax” she had played. “Her life was miserableShe was stalked, harassed, lied to. So I thought he might have had an accident to get away,” Harry wrote.

He also added that he and His brother, Prince WilliamThey were disappointed with the results of the investigation into Operation Paget and demanded a re-investigation into the cause of the accident, which the palace did not heed.

Torture in military training and insults to Diana

the Prince Harry Among other things, he reveals in his autobiography Speer that he was taunted during army training by his bereaved mother Diana “She was pregnant with a Muslim child” at her death.

In particular, Prince Harry says he was tortured during one False kidnapping While he was training for the army and to mock him he was told that his mother She will give birth to a Muslim child.

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Duchess Sussex who revealed that he was killed 25 Taliban In Afghanistan, she said she was abused by a woman wearing a Palestinian-style headscarf on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall.

In the Spanish translation of his book “additional”Duchess Sussex He says he was kidnapped and tortured as part of his combat training.

She described what happened when the veiled woman was assaulted, and she said: “She was talking about my mother. He said: Your mother was pregnant when she died, adding that the child was.”Muslim child».

Harry wrote afterwards: “Coach I apologise What they said about my mother.

He entered the tunnel in Paris where his mother died

the revelation that he lived through his mother’s last moments, Princess Dianaas he did in his memoirs Prince Harrywith the titleadditional».

According to reports, while watching the semi-finals of the 2007 Rugby World Cup in Paris, 23-year-old Harry entered the same tunnel where his mother died 10 years ago.

In his book, Harry describes the intense pain he felt trying to experience what his mother went through shortly before her death in Paris.