April 1, 2023

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Protest against the guarding of a monument in Kumkapi

The Union of Police Officers of Chania denounced the “waste of the police force on a Jewish memorial” in a letter, noting the following:

Mr. Director, with the above (a) I have suspended the 24-hour guard of a Jewish target, as promised, in the Kum-Kapi area, but with the above (b) I have turned it back.

In our relevant correspondence, you mentioned to us that the orders “above” order the guarding of the aforementioned Jewish monument for 24 hours as there are “concerns” of its vandalism.
Mr. Director, is there a surplus of policemen in the city of Chania to guard antiquities of all kinds? In our city, who wants to build a monument wherever they want and then have 5 police officers guard it every 24 hours?
We see that our “aforementioned” natural leadership is concerned, so as to avoid possible vandalism of the monument in question, but for the sake of the physical safety of our colleagues on guard duty, what do you do?

You only need to order the 24-hour guard of the monument in question and our colleagues do their duty in a patrol car … Of course it is known to everyone that our patrol cars in 2023 … are bulletproof … They save our colleagues from a possible fire by criminals. .. We remind you that this is already taking place in another target of our city with what it entails …

If the above “normal leadership” would very much like to protect the building in question, to inform its owners of the need to assign a special police – security – to guard it, and not policemen in patrol cars, which in the event of a terrorist attack would be the grave of our colleague, as happened in June 2009 in Batisia Attica.

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Otherwise, upload and bring the monument in question to the police headquarters so that we can guard it too… The situation is deadlocked with the guards in Chania, as everything that breathes… is guarded…

We request immediately that the guarding of said monument be discontinued under the prevailing circumstances, otherwise we reserve all the legal rights of each of our members.

Finally, we apologize for the timing of making this case public, due to the national mourning for the victims of the Tempe tragedy. Risks to the physical safety of our members must be prevented, not suppressed, by our union. If we find out about it at some point in this barren country, maybe we will move on…”