February 6, 2023

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Protests in China: The leadership is changing its stance

Several days ago, demonstrations began in China Keep going. Citizens demand the government to immediately ease coronavirus measures China continues to implement a policy of continuous closure Which caused huge problems for the public.

The second largest economy on the planet has impacted the global economy with continued lockdowns. In the wake of the angry backlash, many Chinese cities have lifted lockdowns and allowed businesses to reopen, although they are still reporting new cases.

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The first signs of disobedience

The protests in China, calls for a change of government and more, are being interpreted as the first signs of political disobedience since Xi came to power. And state media reported that despite the increase in the number of cases, the deputy prime minister said the virus was weakening.

“The country is facing a new situation in terms of epidemic prevention and control, as Omicron diseases are weakening, more people are vaccinated, and experience in virus containment is accumulated,” he said in remarks reported by state media.

Recipe change from seven regions

The citizens’ protest was heard only in seven regions that decided to lift the closure. In fact, one district will allow live classrooms in schools and the operation of restaurants and other businesses such as movie theaters.

The city of Chongqing in southwestern China will allow those infected with the emerging coronavirus, who meet certain conditions, to self-quarantine at home, while the central Chinese city of Zhengzhou announced an “orderly” resumption of commercial operations, including supermarkets, gyms and restaurants. Chinese health officials said the authorities would respond to “urgent concerns” raised by the public and that the rules should be applied more flexibly.

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Zero Covid policy is very harmful to the Chinese economy

The economic fallout from China’s efforts to get rid of the virus has never been more clear. Citizens’ movements were greatly reduced. In the week of November 14, with the increase in Covid cases, the number of domestic flights was down 45% year-on-year.

Lockdowns are now being imposed in cities that account for about a quarter of China’s gross domestic product, surpassing the previous peak of about a fifth in mid-April, when Shanghai was locked down, according to an index compiled by Japan’s investment bank Nomura. China’s youth unemployment rate hit a record high in July at 19.9%.

With Covid infections reaching unprecedented levels, economic policy makers are scrambling to revive the economy. The central bank announced a reduction in banks’ reserve requirements.