March 29, 2023

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PS2 vs PS5: See decades of difference with Resident Evil 4 comparison videos

the Resident Evil 4 It was first released in Europe in March 2005 for Nintendo’s GameCube, and arrived in November of that year and in Playstation 2. Now, after nearly two decades, the legendary adventure of Leon S.

Thus, the upcoming remake is an ideal opportunity for comparisons, as it shows how much the gameplay has evolved since then, and of course the technical field that has made huge leaps thanks to its multi-processing power. This is exactly the comparison that the PlayStation Access channel decided to make, which through its new video shows the difference in graphics, but also some unexpected changes made to the game’s map since its release. PS2 in PS5.

At the same time, a corresponding video from the popular YouTube channel ElAnalistaDeBits, which specializes in such comparisons, also appeared and similarly compared the original Resident Evil 4 with the remake, using Capcom’s latest footage. Both videos follow below.

For the record, the Capcom developers have stated that they want to maintain the identity of the original game, but at the same time make it more modern today. Among other things, they want to ensure that it maintains the “scar and loneliness” of the first game, and continues to include exciting battles. The famous merchant will still be present in the game (with a different voice), with whom you can trade diamonds, buy items and upgrade your weapons. At the same time, we know that the bag is back as normal as before.

At the same time, the Japanese company has made many changes, as there will be many new enemies, a new weapon (crossbow), while QTEs have been completely removed for example.

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Resident Evil 4 is expected to be released on March 24, 2023 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X | S and PC. It is worth noting that the new version, in addition to being upgraded from a technical point of view, will also be enriched with new content designed specifically for Sony’s PlayStation VR 2.

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