September 22, 2023

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Radio Havana Cuba | The Labor Party will formalize Lula’s election candidacy

Radio Havana Cuba |  The Labor Party will formalize Lula’s election candidacy

PT-Brazil will formalize Lula’s election candidacy. Photo: Latin Press

BRASILIA, July 21 (RHC) The Brazilian Workers’ Party (PT) will hold its national convention this Thursday to formalize the ticket of former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and former governor Geraldo Alcmin for the October elections.

According to PT’s official website, the Brazil Faith Federation Conference will be held in Sao Paulo on the same day, but at a different time.

Brazil’s national coalition PT-Communist Parties (PCdoB), Brazilian Socialist Party (PSB), Verde, Red de Sustentabilidad, Socialismo y Libertad, Solidaridad and the Lula-Alkmin duo are both on the agenda to register with the High Court. Election.

PT sources said Lula will not attend the event as he is pursuing political agendas in Pernambuco state (northeast) and will be represented by Alkmin, vice president of the electoral duo.

According to the platform, the Pernambuco formula established by the coalition of the Basic Party (PSB), Danilo Cabral and the Coalition of the Left (PCdoB), Luciana Santos, should be strengthened.

According to politicians from the PT directory, the conference was merely an endorsement of the acronym.

“The party’s vote with Lula and Alkmin (in May) put both of them, in an open event, into militancy. Now is another moment where Lula is strengthening ties with the Brazilian people,” PT vice president Alencar said. Santana, quoted by Metropolis.

Starting yesterday, the former union leader began his tour of three cities in Pernambuco around the Let’s Go Together for Brazil movement.

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Greeted by crowds, Lula and Alkmin attended a public event in the twin city of Gates, the former head of state’s hometown of Carranhans, where in a speech he invited those present to think about what Brazil wants to build for the future.

He urged the people to be part of the national transformation plan. “The country needs them,” said Turner, a former machinist.

“Every human being, male or female, must have a reason,” he says, admitting that he is a dreamer.

When he won the presidency (2003), he recalled, “I wanted to show that it was possible to make our dream come true.”

To date, Lula leads all opinion polls leading up to the October vote, in which far-right leader Jair Bolsonaro will seek re-election. (Text: Latin Press)