December 4, 2023

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Railway Safety Coordination Center – RAS – OSE clash meets today

Railway Safety Coordination Center – RAS – OSE clash meets today

The Coordination Center will be made up of representatives from OSE, EL.AS, Fire Brigade, EKAV and Hellenic Railway.

The Railway Safety Coordination Center set up yesterday will hold its first meeting on Saturday, Minister of State for Infrastructure and Transport Giorgos Gerapetridis announced.

The Coordination Center is located in the Crisis Management Room of the Acharna Railway Center of the OSE and includes the OSE, the Fire Brigade, the Hellenic Police, the EKAV and the Hellenic rain.

The objective of the committee will be to coordinate activities related to maintenance and improvement of safety infrastructure of Railways.

Minister Giorgos Gerapetritis will also attend the first meeting and reports will be issued after the meeting.

RAS – OSE conflict

At the same time, the OSE’s strong reaction was triggered by the Railway Regulatory Authority’s announcement that the 59-year-old station master’s training was classified as “inadequate” and all trainees were fired. The same is requested.

The Railway Regulatory Authority specifically notes: “The correct and detailed theoretical and practical training of the trainees of the specific vocational training cycle is not documented, in two training cycles 712 hours of theory and 75 hours of practical training, the second theory cycle. took place together with practical training ».

However, regarding the responsibilities of the OSE, the authority emphasizes, among others: “It does not ensure a training program for staff and organizations, which ensures that the adequacy of the staff’s qualifications is maintained. The relevant tasks, including provisions regarding good physical and psychological condition, are carried out accordingly”.

And he adds: “The training provided by OSE in the specific control theoretical and practical training cycle and the OSE personnel performing critical security tasks (station masters) are incomplete and therefore inadequate”.

The railway agency said it is aware of the training process from 2022 and has not raised any objection, leaving tips to the commission.

Decision to take emergency measures

Therefore, the Plenary of the RAS unanimously decided to take extraordinary provisional measures due to serious indications of violation of specific provisions of the Railway Act, where non-compliance involves immediate, serious and immediate threat to public safety.

With extraordinary temporary measures, the Commission obliges infrastructure manager OSE SA not to employ all candidate station masters who took part in the investigated training cycle on critical tasks. According to OSE’s Human Resource Directorate, these are the employees who were employed with service delivery card and only two of them had permanent employment relationship due to transfer.

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