December 3, 2022

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Registered for All Star Survivor

The George Angelopoulos He said yes to his production survivor For his All Star version, according to information on the “Super Katerina” show.

Acun Media, as it has been known for some time, has made a bid for Dano, which will not be as announced in All star survivor As a player but he will have a dual role and in fact the production seems to have created a new niche exclusively for him that was not presented in the previous survivors.

As reported by the Alpha program, Giorgos Angelopoulos will be the cheerleading coach, while he will also take on a presentation role. In fact, Danos will not be in Agios Dominikos all the time, but will come and go, due to his professional commitments.

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Glomex player (40599w16ki4e70hs, v-cnc4gbacu1kp)

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