December 3, 2022

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“Remember Elias, we are with you,” chanted supporters of Kasidiaris and Lago.

Today there was tension A five-judge Court of Criminal AppealIt continues after a two-month break in the summer The Golden Dawn Trial.

They are in court About 30 supporters Accused Ioannis Lakov And Ilias Cassidiaris – There were even Golden Dawn greetings – and they chanted in the interruption of the trial. “Remember Elias, we are with you”.

The Fissa side responded with chants “Paul Lives, Crush the Nazis” A bottle was thrown at the defendants’ supporters. His mother Paolo FizzaMagda Fissa told him and returned to the police to protests: “What kind of police are you? Let’s round up the fascists! Aren’t you a little ashamed?’.

Earlier, with the commencement of trial, his counsel Nikos Michaloliakos He requested documents related to the proof of his subpoena, if necessary, to come back with a request regarding his illegal subpoena. One of the lawyers of the person accused of being the head of the Golden Dawn criminal organization D. Papatelis told the court: “Nick. Michaloliakos appears in practice today for the first time. It is argued that he never took evidence of the summons. Mr. Michaloliakos was in the ICU from 12 to 22 May 2022. He has absolutely no idea who called on his behalf as he claims he was not informed. .”

Also, the lawyer of I. Lagos, K. Pleuris, who sued the court, spoke about the nullity of the procedure, which caused the court to react. In particular, Mr. Pluris argued that his president was a political prisoner, not a criminal, after referring to the president’s first trial conviction and reports on the parties’ approach. “We are not Parliament sir” The president said when asked by a prosecutor to dismiss the request.

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