February 8, 2023

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Reply to Giorgos Lianos after… “Salagoudis goal”

the Female slagodiis not among the players vying for his title Survivor All-StarBut in yesterday’s game, he mentioned the goal George Llanos Pictures of the previous endeavors of the former reality player.

Targeted, the reality show host, Slagodis said repeatedly, prompting comments on Twitter and her own response. Among other things, he asked the editor of the reality show to present Anthis Salagoudi’s effort again, and also spoke of her stunning expression, which at the time caused various comments on social networks.

«Do players have experience with this goal! The target of “Anthie Slagody” awaits themGeorge Llanos stated at the beginning, during the broadcast of the match, to add after that.It’s a battlefield that reminds you of my female slugody! I’d like to ask the editor to remind us a little bit of her celebration when she made the five out of five».

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Glomex operator (eexbs1jkdkewvzn, v-cpplykqu666p)

in turn uploaded to Instagram A picture of her smiling softly and in a promising way and noted: “Me when I hear Lianos say “Salagoudi goal” (She ate me up with messages and I couldn’t stand it)».

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