December 7, 2022

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Research Analysis: More Green Energy | newspaper

Research – Analysis: Professor Yannis Manyatis
In collaboration with graduate students: I. Voulgari, A. Manolis, G. Tarnari

Three countries in the European Union intend in 2030 to produce electricity entirely from renewable energy sources (Portugal, Denmark and Austria, closely followed by the Netherlands). Greece ranks eighth (already in 2014 it was seventh), with a goal of 2030 production from renewable energy sources of up to 80%, with a European average of 63%. In the last places in the European ranking (less than 40%) were France, Poland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Hungary.

China is the biggest polluter

China will be the biggest polluter by 2050. The USA and the European Union are working to reduce their emissions over time, while India is increasing them over time, approaching the median of the European Union emissions in the future. and the United States of America. In 2030, China (11840 million tons) will emit 33% of the world’s pollutants, more than three times that of the USA (3583 million tons), and five times that of the European Union. (2020 metric tons). In 2050 India will be the second largest polluter (3325 million tons) after China (7,970 million tons) and much higher than the USA (2,180 million tons) and certainly the European Union. (1,229 m).
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The global climate agreement is urgent

On the occasion of the World Climate Conference (COP27 – Egypt), a visual representation of humanity’s challenging task to zero by 2050 greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels. Fossil fuel consumption peaks at 485 exajoules in 2020. According to the zero emission scenario (NZE-2050) to increase the planet’s temperature below 2°C, we need to reach 100 Exajoules, when current state policies will more than double (250 Exajoules) .
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Climate change in the US elections

The complete schism of American society in the run-up to the November midterm elections. Climate change is an immediate priority for Democrats and another for Republicans. Human rights, abortion, the health system, and education are also among the Democrats’ priorities. In contrast, immigration, taxation, accuracy, and national security stand out among the Republicans’ priorities. It corresponds only to individual freedoms and the economy.
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Oil dominates Greece

The majority of European countries consume fossil fuels (oil, natural gas, and coal), except for France (nuclear), Denmark (RES), Norway, Sweden and Iceland (hydropower). Greece’s main energy source is oil.
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Less increase in electricity

In the winter, oil-heated American homes, compared to last year, will experience a price explosion (from $1,200 to $2,354), while natural gas will also increase dramatically (from $550 to $931). Electricity will increase less; $1,200 to $1,359.
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