May 30, 2023

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Revilla highlights the “fraternal relations” between Condabria and Cuba – Condabria

The president of Condabria, Miguel Angel Revilla, wanted to strengthen the “fraternal ties” between the autonomous community and Cuba and highlight the history of the twins of “genes and emotions” between the Caribbean and Spain. “Political views.

“Beyond political conflicts, we feel very close with Cuba,” the president said at the end of a meeting with the country’s ambassador to Spain, Marcelino Medina, today. Official medical colleges of Cantabria and Spain.

The President recalled how much Condapria owes a debt of gratitude to Gomilas, Valdesilla or Marcus of Monsanto, Cuba and the Cantabrians who built historic buildings such as the Palace of La Magdalena or the Palace and illuminated the community. Universidad Pontificia de Comillas, in addition to other monuments and facilities.

For his part, the Cuban ambassador to Spain highlighted the family, historical and cultural ties between his country and Spain, which are “over the top” and always “very special”.

Medina’s stay in Cantabria – the second Spanish autonomy he visits – contains significant elements of “experiences and knowledge exchange” in health matters. The ambassador firmly believed that he would return to Cantabria to continue strengthening relations and common plans.

The ambassador traveled today to the Marquez de Valdezilla University Hospital with Thomas Kobo, President of the General Council of Spanish Medical Associations, and Javier Hernandez de Sante, President of the Official Medical Association of Condabria, in addition to the Embassy of Cuba. In Spain, Yahima Martinez.

In this sense, President Revilla was able to understand in detail the workings of the Cuban government’s planned Pan-African Medical Faculty; Through the Spanish Government’s Spanish Institute for International Development Cooperation (AECID) and the International Cooperation Foundation (OMC) of the College Medical Organization for Public Health and Basic Surgery for Medical Students in Africa and thereby improving health in rural Africa Is defective.

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