July 4, 2022

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Rick Caruso: Net Worth, Political Career & lifestyle


 Rick Caruso is the CEO of the real estate company, Caruso. In addition to holding a leadership position at Caruso, he also serves in positions like President of the Los Angeles Police Commission and Chairman board of trustees at the University of Southern California.


Rick Caruso’s Early life & Education


 Rick Caruso was born on January 7 , 1959 in Los Angeles, California, U.S.,  his parents are Henry and Gloria Caruso.

There is not a high school he attended along the way, but Rick graduated from the University of Southern California.

He further his education by attending Pepperdine University School of Law and received a J.D.

Rick’s father founded Dollar Rent-A-Car and has many car dealerships in the area. His mom was a model when she was young, but her occupation is still not clear.


Rick Caruso’s Career


Rick Caruso was a real estate lawyer, executives, and developer. After working for years in these fields, in 1990 he retired and founded his own company.

By 1987, Rick had founded Caruso Real Estate Company and managed the development of some of the most notable properties in Southern California.

Rick Caruso has been pondering a mayoral run in Los Angeles for years.


Rick Caruso Personal life 


Rick currently lives with his wife Tina Caruso. They have five children, Alex, Gregory, Justin, Gianna and Steven.

All his children are now alumni of the University of Southern California. Contrary to popular belief, 


Political career


Rick Caruso  has not been affiliated with a political party.

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He held two positions in the city of Los Angeles during his youth: Commissioner for the Department of Water and Power at 26 years of age, as well as President of the Board of Police Commissioners, when Bratton was elected Chief of Police.

Caruso has envisioned running for mayor in multiple election cycles, but ultimately decided against it before the 2009 election. In 2020, Caruso expressed interest in running in the 2022 Los Angeles mayoral election.

As a consequence of his experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, Caruso was chosen to assist the White House with facilitating America’s recovery from this disease and give interviews on prioritizing small businesses as part of this process.


Rick Caruso’s Net Worth


Apart from being a good-living real estate developer, Rick is also committed to charity, and he has an estimated net worth of $4billion