February 6, 2023

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Ring Elden makes history by breaking The Last of Us Part II’s “elusive” record!

the Elden episode It is now the title he has been given bone Toy From the general Awards in the history of the video game medium. Yes, FromSoftware’s title is official The most awarded game of all time.

In detail, as noted by industry analyst Benji-Sales, Elden Ring has received 323 different Game of the Year awards from gaming media around the world, including Readers’ Choice votes. This means that it broke the record for The Last of Us Part II, which until now had seemed a long way off. Specifically, out of the 440 prizes awarded worldwide to date, the Elden Ring has won 323, which is 73.4%. On the other hand, The Last of Us Part II won 322 awards out of a total of 644 awards presented in 2020, which is 50%. This means FromSoftware’s Game of the Year award with significantly more consensus.

It should be noted that his team was awarded the best game of the year Elden Ring Addictsan award listed in 323, according to the count Game of the Year Tracker Award website.

In second place for this year was God of War Ragnarok with 74 Game of the Year awards, 16.8% of the total 440 awards.

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