December 7, 2022

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Risk of closure in 120 bakery chain stores

“Megaton Bomb” from the chain of bakeries and restaurants “Venetis”, where it is facing serious sustainability problems, with Visible risk of store closures. It should be noted that the company is counted under the specified brand 120 stores across Greece, 60 of which are franchise.

Owner Panagiotis Monemvasiotis and chain employees expressed their concerns about the situation in a letter to the Prime Minister.

The full text of the letter Monemvasiotis

His Excellency Mr. Prime Minister

We feel this message should be directed to you because we believe that you are the one who can solve the problem

Taking a quick look back, we will remind you that after the 10-year note crisis, this was followed by two very difficult years due to the crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic.

As of September 2021, we have entered a new energy crisis that looks set to be critical and will jeopardize the viability of companies that have managed to stay upright from previous crises.

At the same time, Mr. Prime Minister, in recent months we are entering into another new crisis, the so-called food crisis, because of which we are now beginning to suffer from shortages and successive increases in basic raw materials and necessities.

As an example, we will mention that the prices of raw materials change only every 3 days upwards.

Given the food crisis that seems to be coming at a very rapid pace, we would like to point out to you that in the very difficult days that we anticipate in the coming months, it would be good to provide as many businesses and stores as we can that produce basic food commodities so that this is a crucial moment for survival and ability on serving consumers.

Companies in our bakery, confectionery and catering industry need energy to produce products to ferment products to bake products to cook products and to complete essential commodities to serve the daily lives of consumers.

So these small and medium businesses are affected today by the exorbitant bills and the exorbitant cost of energy.

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For example, we would like to inform you that for such a business whose monthly energy cost is €2,000, today the cost has risen to €9,000-10,000 per month.

So you realize that in a few months the companies will be gone.

The government announced that cheaper energy would be offered to bakeries because of this big problem, after which we were informed that this arrangement would only concern a certain class of shops with KAD 1071. That is, it would not concern the entire spectrum of the sector of shops offering bread and pastry shops, restaurants or catering shops. the food.

For this reason, we would like to assure you that it is necessary to enter 4724 and 5610 KADs in this setting, regardless of whether they are listed as major or minor KADs.

Efforts by many sectors and companies on a daily basis to communicate with the relevant ministers are time-consuming and ineffective because, quite simply, ministers cannot provide a solution to the problem Mr. Effective and personally saved the bakery and catering industries in the critical period of the pandemic.

We therefore invite you to do the same in the matter of energy, which in a few weeks will be the cornerstone of the above-mentioned works


Board of Directors

Workers in the production units of VENETI ABEET

Stores and their employees».

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