December 7, 2022

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Risk of overturning and explosion of tanker with flammable material

After the overthrow of the regime, the accumulation of officials was huge Tanker Vehicle at Kirtoni junction outside Larisa

The tanker was loaded Good stuff At the moment, 38 firefighters with 12 vehicles are operating on the scene, while the S.mi.EA team of the Thessaly Regional Service of the Hellenic Fire Department and the special team of the 8th EMAK are on their way.

At the same time, according to Onlarissa, special facilities have been created foaming From a distance as it still is Explosion hazard. At the same time, a tanker blood transfusion Items were rushed to the scene.

Watch the video:

The National Highway is closed

Due to the diversion of the tanker truck, the following temporary traffic regulations will be in force on the ATE Motorway until further notice:

A. Traffic flow to Athens:

Total blocking of all vehicular traffic (IXE and IXF) on ATE Motorway from Platamonas random junction to Chicory junction.

Vehicular traffic takes place:

i) IXE The existing P.E.O. from the random Platamonas intersection. Leptokaryas – Evangelismos, until meeting Stomio, then along the coast road to Agia and PATh.E entrance. is carried out from the random encounter of Platycampos.

ii) For IXF above -3.5- tonnes, enter our capacity area through EO. Kosani – Larissa then enter PATHE.E., Platykampos junction or Nice junction.

View photos from the location:

B. Traffic flow to Thessaloniki:

Total blocking of all vehicular traffic (IXE and IXF) on the ATE Motorway from Girtoni junction to Platamonas junction.

Vehicular traffic takes an alternate route via Tyrnavos, Elasona and EO at the random Kirtoni Interchange. Larissa – Gosani enters Egnatia.

IXE Cars can go through the uneven junction of Platycampos in Agia, then along the coast road to the junction of Stomio and the existing P.E.O. Evangelismos – Leptokaryas will enter the PATH.E. From a random meeting of Platamonas.

Motorists are requested to follow and obey the instructions of the police to ensure smooth implementation of traffic regulations.

News Today:

Nordic Monitor reveals that a policeman from the Turkish embassy in Greece was searching for Gulenists in Athens and Thessaloniki.

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