August 9, 2022

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Romania to help Moroccan students in Ukraine

Romania to help Moroccan students in Ukraine

Displaying available places in Romanian universities for 5,000 students of Moroccan origin who were studying in higher education institutions in Ukraine. This is the assistance that Romania intends to provide to those students who were forced to leave Ukraine due to the ongoing war there. Soren Combino, Minister of Education, met with his Moroccan counterpart Abdellatif Merawi, Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation. PS . news.

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During this meeting, a cooperation agreement was signed between the two ministries. This agreement aims to enhance cooperation between universities, transfer students, professors and researchers from universities, support teaching the language and culture of the two countries, and organize joint meetings, activities and conferences. On the sidelines of this meeting, a hybrid meeting was organized with the deans and representatives of universities that have the faculties of medicine and pharmacy, during which a media campaign was organized targeting Moroccan refugee students from Ukraine about the places available to them. The years of study, specialization, academic mobility criteria, application procedures, and the timetable for this process were also emphasized.

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