December 7, 2022

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Rooftop photovoltaics: what applies, what to pay attention to

The program will bring great benefits to both families and businesses Photovoltaic power support Which is expected to be announced soon.

In the midst of the energy crisis and high electricity prices, the market is waiting for the “green light” to implement the program, as the subsidy will provide an additional incentive for the installation of photovoltaic cells.

In fact, a relevant amendment was recently introduced, which enables Energy Minister Costas Skrekas to announce the relevant program that It concerns both photovoltaic cells and batterieswhich allows significant energy savings.

According to relevant information, the support rate is expected to be within 30% for photovoltaic cells and up to 60% for batteries, which makes their purchase and installation very advantageous in the current situation.

As explained by CNN Greece, Mr. Konstantinos Laskos, President of the Hellenic Association of Certified Energy Inspectors Even without support, the installation of photovoltaic panels is a profitable move, while after the implementation of the program the benefits are greater.

In fact, depending on the consumption and price of electricity, payback can even take place in less than five years, while at the same time ensuring energy independence.

For energy needs, explains Mr. Laskos, for an average single-family home a 4-5 kW voltaic element is required to be installed, while in multi-family homes it depends on the number of apartments and the number of condominiums. Of course the total area and energy they need.

In this case, of course, things are somewhat more complicated, since the consent of the co-owners is required, but, as reported by market players, additional incentives are expected in the case of installation in apartment buildings.

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The support model is expected with similar logic, with the upper limit approaching 5-6 kW per order. As for the cost, it is currently around 1,500 euros per kilowatt, which means that – before subsidies – the total investment is expected to be around 7,000-7500 euros per order.

The cost is higher for batteries, which, of course, are expected to be supported more, but it should be noted that their installation is not necessary in all cases.

As for commercial real estate, the support is expected to include installations up to 10 kW, with subsidy rates approaching or even completely the same.

In any case, explains Mr. Laskos, those interested should contact a qualified electrician to ensure that the installation meets their needs, but also to ensure that the maximum possible energy is being saved.