October 1, 2023

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Russia stops shipping oil from Kazakhstan to world markets

La Russie cesse d

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07/07/2022 13:00

Russia halted, on Wednesday, the shipment of Kazakh oil through the Caspian Sea line to world markets for the third time in four months.

Russian state radio reported today that work on the aforementioned oil transmission line has been suspended by a decision of the city court in Novorossiysk, southern Russia, for 30 days.

The Russia Today website explained that the reason for this court decision is due to “the identified environmental violations that must be removed so that the line can resume its work.”

The company supervising the operation of the line intends to appeal the court’s decision and the opposition to the competent Russian judicial authorities.

On June 19, Russia halted oil shipments from Kazakhstan via the line due to the discovery of 50 WWII-era mines in the Caspian Sea. Mine was destroyed. Pumping resumed on the 23rd of the same month.

The aforementioned line is considered one of the largest oil transportation routes from the Caspian Sea to world markets with a length of 1500 km.

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