March 29, 2023

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Sad Picture In OAKA, Few People (Image) – Basketball

Sunday, dear ones, for some means relaxation. coffee. walking hobby. Such things. where are we going? That some storyteller, perhaps today instead of making a … fiery report on the number of seats, might have gone for coffee. Sad picture in OAKA, few people, but don’t expect them to participate, those who rush to write about whether the Olympiacos team … is baked by the club’s basketball team. We said. They went for coffee… for a walk…

Olympiacos fights in Greece and Europe with over 21 years of live broadcasts and improved odds | Organizer: EEEP | Addiction Risks and Loss of Assets | Al-Kaithiya: 2109237777 | Play responsibly.

The world laughs at the promoters who were preparing the seats at SEF. Now where are they lost? For this picture they have nothing to comment on? For this sad empty OAKA, which now collects only a few, on average, don’t they have something to write? to say;

be seen…



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