March 29, 2023

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Sakis Arnautogou: New weekend weather data – Big drop in temperatures on Monday

New information about him Cairo Delivered over the weekend Sakis Arnadoklou, A big drop in temperatures is expected on Monday (13/3).

In ERT 3’s weather bulletin, Sakis Arnautoglou said that it will rain in Epirus, Western Thessaly and Northwestern Styria from Friday, although this will not happen in the end when forecast models showed significant rain on Saturday.

As Sakis Arnautoglou said, Saturday (11/3) will not see such significant rain, but the weather will be unstable in northern Greece. There will be more intense events in the west of the country and some snow showers in the mountains of the northwest country.

Temperatures will reach 22 degrees on Friday and Saturday in many parts of the eastern country.

From Sunday (12/3) winds will turn northerly and temperatures will drop, while Monday (13/3) In the north, the mercury will not exceed 13 to 14 degrees and reach 8 Beaufort.

As for weather developments, they are expected Changes with temperature fluctuations, As cold and warm air masses come to our region, There are signs of significant rain.

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