May 30, 2023

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Salandri tragedy: Student commits suicide at private school – Newsbomb – News

A 14-year-old student allegedly committed suicide on Friday morning at a private school in Salandri

An alarm was raised at a private school in Salandri on Friday, May 12. A student’s mother said “Something tragic has happened” in the first hour of the school term. According to an information A 14 year old student He jumped from the 4th floor of the school building and took the final leap.

Shocked teachers, who were called in immediately, kept the children in the classroom Psychologists To deal with the incident and talk to her classmates 14 years old. It is noteworthy that the students stayed in the school till the end of the school hours.

The student’s mother speaks As reported, the minor asked to go to the restroom while in the school hall. It seems that he jumped from the 4th floor after coming out of the hall.

The student died instantly principles To investigate it event. He immediately rushed to the spot Medical ambulanceThe Medical staff Tried to do CPR But it was already too late because the student had died.

It is significant Schoolgirl It was Foreign citizenship. Her parents work at the embassy.

So far they haven’t is known Reasons that led to her suicide 14 years old Schoolgirl.

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