February 7, 2023

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Samsung unveils a foldable screen that can be folded in and out – Samsung

Samsung Display, the Samsung subsidiary responsible for display manufacturing, has introduced a new prototype of a foldable screen with a 360-degree hinge.

The company shared information about the edge And even sent some related pictures. What’s special about the new design is that it can help the foldable phone to fold inside and out.

The display, dubbed Flex In & Out, was shown off behind closed doors at CES 2023. A few days ago, we only saw an image of the display, next to the Galaxy Z Fold 4. At the time, all many people noticed was that the original display seemed thinner. Much more when folded compared to the image on the Galaxy Z Fold 4. Just as important was the fact that the screen folded differently than other smartphones from the company, with the two sides sitting flush with each other. This is thanks to the new hinge with a teardrop design, which allows the screen to curve into a more relaxed shape, which also causes less wrinkling than the current hinge system on Samsung’s Folds.



What we didn’t know before is that the hinge can make the screen fold in both directions, a fact Samsung is now confirming, along with other details about the mechanism that does the folding. Below is a picture showing exactly how it works.

If the new screen appears on the Galaxy Z Fold 5, which Already rumored That it will adopt a waterdrop hinge, could be the biggest design change Samsung has made to its largest foldable in years. The company may also need to make software changes to make the screen easier to use when folded in this way, which is similar to what Huawei has chosen for its flagship foldable smartphone, starting with Mate X.

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